Editorial reviews?

I was just wondering how serials receive the editorial ratings mentioned under the "star" rating on a serial's listing page. Does the story have to be particularly famous, updating for a long time, or is it just a matter of what sparks the editors' interest?

Originally, we had a broad cast of editors, and they worked together to ensure that every story had at least one editorial rating. Over time, however, the number of editors has declined. It's a job with an awful lot of work for relatively little benefit, drops in a given bucket.

As it stands now, we have only a couple of editors who review what they can, when they can. Chris is working on an overhaul of the WFG site, and the editor system, complete with editor ratings, is being phased out altogether, in favor of something more automatic and maintainable.

Good answer. :)

That makes a lot of sense, thanks!