End of the Wave

I wanted to thank everyone at this site - my serialized novel, Surf City Acid Drop has got two instalments to go. According to my analytics, this place is the #2 referrer of visitors - and that is huge.

I haven't been able to participate much in the forums, or in reviewing - but once Surf City is done, I do plan on getting on with doing some reviews of other novels.

And again, a big thanks to Billy Higgins for that great review, which I know sent people my way.

Hang loose. I think that's what surfers say. (full disclosure - I never have).


My pleasure, man. Can't wait to see your reviews -- I'm sure they'll be good.

Also, out of curiosity I have to ask. Who's your #1 referrer?

Thanks Billy - your has been the only review I have seen from this site. (Unless I am not looking in the right spot?)

I've had other readers message me on various social media channels, or email - the reviews have been very positive. A lot of people dig the character, and as you put it, the character of Mexcio (and the other places Luke goes too). I also got some good criticism on some things that were not working. And several times, after agreeing with the readers, went back and made changes to the chapter. I liked being able to do that.

Most of my promo for Surf City was through social media. I am very active on twitter, Facebook, instagram (a few others, but not as much). My analytics showed that a lot of people were accessing the blog directly (so maybe they bookmarked it, or had it on an RSS feed.) So the number one referrer was "direct."

But in terms of those who reached it in other ways:

Facebook was #1 (this surprised me)

Webfiction guide and twitter (tied in the recent stats) were #2

google and few other search engines filled out the rest.

My take on twitter is that as much as I like it, and I think is a powerful platform for writing and publishing, it is filled with a lot of noise. So many tweets are about buy this, watch this, read this, that it is overwhelming, and hard to emerge through the crowd. A few writers (like joe Lansdale) gave a shout out once in a while, and that helped in a huge way. But the twitter beast is a hungry one - I am sure there were people that got tired of me yakking about Surf City. So I made sure my feed was more than that, and supported other writers too (both in similar genres, and others).

This is the second time I've tried this. A few years back, I did one that was a true serial, writing it every week. It was more slipstream/time travel and it garnered a bigger following than Surf City (though analytics were different back then).

Anyway - learned a lot. Gained a bunch of readers. Working on a sequel to that one. And had a helluva lot of fun. As mentioned, I plan on reading and reviewing more on this site, once I wrap... which is in 2 more chapters.

Last chapter going up later tonight - thanks for all that read.

Congrats! I really need to promote myself and others a bit more on Social media, etc. I am not a yakkity person, but practice improves all talents. Even as I put my story on hiatus until February, you are an encouragement for when I start up again!

hey thanks Tim - yeah, I pretty much did all my promo on various social media. It's a lot of work to keep it all going - and you feel like you are bugging people - but it works. Best of luck.

I am on hiatus from any webfiction right now as I am working on a major edit for another novel (one that I will send out to agents in the traditional way).