End of year highlights?

I'll be crafting a few more blogs for online-novel.com I think to mark the end of 2013.

If you have a __completed serial__ and would like mention on the blog, would you go ahead and provide me here :

* Name of serial, link, genre + 1-2 sentences blurb?

* I will list these either 12/31 or 1/1 (depending on how good the response is).

If you had a serial that (as Tuesdayserial likes to state) "graduated" and became a book, please also flag that for me. Rather than linking your books, please give me an author page link to point people too. I think that would be best. Thanks!


A darker superhero serial


An introverted teenage girl with an unconventional superpower, Taylor goes out in costume to find escape from a deeply unhappy and frustrated civilian life. Her first attempt at taking down a supervillain sees her mistaken for one, thrusting her into the violence, politics, unwritten rules, and ambiguous morals of the local 'cape' scene.

Umbra: The Horror


Two teenagers sent to a boarding school for troubled teens suspect that something strange is happening to the people who graduate. Knowing that they could be next, they begin searching for answers. However, the closer they get to the answer, the more dangerous things get.

SgL not sure if you want to include Rema because I plan on updating revisions whenever they're done (like in several months), but the entire book is up there for anyone to read. I'll leave it up to your discretion!



Tabetha Charon runs away from home and through a portal to Rema: a beautiful world where the gods are dying and a race of demigods are suppressed for their powers. Hoping to unravel the riddle of her father's death, her journey leads her to a painful truth, to gods, magic, war, and to an enigmatic blue-haired boy who is at the heart of it all.

The first year of Curveball became a book in October. When you say "Author Page" what do you mean? Do you mean our website, or our page here on WFG, or do you mean the Amazon author page, or... ?

Amy: Nah - even if you're revising it it's done. You're good.

Uber - I think rather than having people giving me link to each book (which would drive me nuts) or compiled volume, something central where people can go find all your works on sale would help. FOr some that might be their own webpage (on their own site) or an author page on Amazon or Smashwords. I can take a few "options" but don't want to be hardcoding too many links per person. :)

Thanks everyone - and had to clarify this on twitter: If your serial isn't done (meaning it's a series) but you completed a narrative arc (that would pretty much stand on its own) , please include rather than shy away... thanks!

Thanks, SgL. Let us know when it's posted! And for genre, if you need it, Rema is a YA science-fantasy romance.

I have to get another news post out tonight so will post it likely tomorrow night or tomorrow.

I want to try to keep a running list of complete serials similar to what Tuesdayserial.com does and will format this post/page so it can be (hopefully) hung on the top menu of the current layout. Right now, there's a space for SFF serials and I'll probably hang the "Completed" serials up there next to it.

Thanks for thinking of this, and for offering!

As of December, I posted the final chapter of book 1 of Super. The serial is still ongoing, but the first book can stand alone as a story.



In search of a job, the one that finds Lex McKilliam is not what she expected. Thrust into a world where everyone around her can do something more than what's normal for most humans, she and her new friends gradually find that the agency they've joined is not as advertised. They way out may be more than they can handle, however...


Super: Sci-fi/Suspense/Adventure, with Superheroes

Having resolved to be more active in writing communities... I apologize in advance if I'm doing this wrong. I've had a serial ongoing for a couple years now; not sure if it even merits submission, feel free to redirect me.

Taylor's Polynomials: Introduction

Fantasy Personification


High School Mathematics collides with English in an explosion of Art and Music. In Series 1, Maud opens an Absolute Value bar in town, and meets Lyn the Line, Para the Quadratic, and Root - Para's boyfriend?

(It's followed by the series' "Para Gone", "Try Angles", "After Math" and "Sign Change")

Mathtans - I have a few questions for you because the scope is for what was completed in 2013. I will try to poke you on Twitter first since you're less shy there :)

Ubersoft: I assume I can list you under your name on your website?

Palladian: I assume I should use this handle?

Wildbow: Which way would you like to go? I know you have your real handle (or something closer to an publication friendly pseudonym) on Wordpress. Do you prefer Wildbow for now?

Well done poking, which is what prompts me to look here. Scope makes sense. Even though I answered there, I'll post here for the record.

Taylor's Polynomials: After Math, concluded April 2013.


High School Mathematics collides with English in an explosion of Art and Music. In Series 4, a mysterious force kicks the math-tans out of their subject area. Thus some personifications explore math within other subjects, as Logan's new crew use his "bigger on the inside" base to seek answers from Maud's sister.

Taylor's Polynomials: Sign Change, concluded September 2013.


High School Mathematics collides with English in an explosion of Art and Music. In Series 5, Logan's gazebo, which now includes the Step Functions, manages to locate Fractal City. Meanwhile, Para becomes terminally depressed, and before the plot threads resolve, a mathematical function dies.

Yes, please! Thanks for asking.


Super: Sci-fi/Suspense/Adventure, with Superheroes

Yes! Sorry, I thought I'd posted here again. Thanks.

Okay, post is up. Tab is up (in menu). I am still waiting on Nick and Craig to hopefully send me info. (Also have some Pandamian folks who are waiting for their situation to resolve before linking them in.)

Uber, if you'd like to drop me a blurb at some point I will add it to the page.

Sorry Shirl, I was away from my comp last night.

The Watchmage of Old New York, by C.A. Sanders

A historical/fantasy/mystery

In 1855 New York City, A wizard named Nathaniel Hood acts as policeman, judge, and nursemaid to the massive influx of supernatural creatures that have immigrated to the new world. With the help of a unique and often ridiculous cast of characters, he must keep the peace in a city that never sleeps...ever.

I'd seen the thread but assume H&C wasn't eligible due to not being finished. But if my two finished storylines qualify me, fair enough, here's a the stuff. Thanks very much!

Hobson & Choi


Detective duo comedy-drama

Enthusiastic teenager Angelina Choi has joined John Hobson's one-man detective agency as an intern. Can she change the world before her two week stint ends? Will they solve a series of complex modern-day crimes way out of Hobson's comfort zone? Can they cope with each other's dark secrets? Will they stop bickering long enough for any of that?

Nick - How does JP treat your finished arcs? I had presumed you were separating them out with different pages/Table of Contents but can't tell with the link. If there's no way to do it then I may not be able to include.

Craig - Is this the same deal? Or am I correct in that your current link contains the entire arc and the next one will be at a separate URL?

I may collate an edited version of the first arc into some kind of ebook in March/April-ish once JP's exclusivity expires, but no, don't think there's a clear way of signposting it right now - don't think JP have yet mentioned adding such a feature. First arc is #1-33, second is #34-44. No worries if this means I can't feature - as I say, had assumed that anyway. Thanks for keeping me in mind, appreciate it.

Okay - once you have that I can probably just link in the ebook reference. Thanks and sorry about that!