Ender Wiggin

Who's gonna see the Ender's Game movie? Also, who thinks the guy playing Ender looks funny?

I'm not going to see it. My dislike of his views overpowers my miniscule desire to see the adaptation.

Considering that the guy who wrote the story wants to shove me in a concentration camp ... yeah, no, not gonna see this film. And I hope it tanks.

I might be willing to give the movie a shot; I completely understand and support PG's and Alice's point of view (and Orson Scott Card frustrates me on so many levels...), but I like to keep my personal opinion of the author separate from my personal opinion of his or her work. As far as I'm concerned, Ender's Game was a pretty good book. A good movie? I don't know; I guess I'll have to wait and see.

I'm with Alice and the Lizard - while I can, to a degree separate author and work, what I can't separate is that he's using his profits to further his queerphobic actions. -_-

OSC will get a share of the movie's profits. So if you buy tickets to see this film, you are putting money in the pocket of a bigot who actively tries to strip LGBT people of their legal and human rights. In other words, you're helping to fund his bigotry for the sake of watching a damn movie. Meaning you think your own entertainment is more important than basic human rights. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who pays to see this movie is complicit in his disgusting, dehumanizing agenda.

Maybe it's a movie that you can guilt-free pirate!

I loved Enders Game as a kid, it was one of my favourite books. That the author is such a colossal *bad word* that I can't upkeep the separation between author and work makes me annoyed. It's just too much for me, as people mentioned with the funding etc.

It's frustrating that this movie has come up, because I previously didn't know he was such an awful person. I would have been happy in my blissful ignorance and a loved childhood book's reputation left intact.

Oh well. I can watch it through nefarious means and ruin my childhood book in another way (movie adaptation) while depriving the author of funding for his inhuman crusade.

*Note to Chris: I joke of course, I would never do such a thing. Honest. Hahaha

I keep seeing people who say they loved the book. Now I've never read it, nor will I ever read it, but I'd like to put this out there:


From that, it sounds to me like the book is a bunch of racist, sexist, misogynistic crap, on top of being genocide apologia. I don't know if that's true, because I will never ever read a book written by OSC, but given what I know of the man, it certainly sounds plausible. Given that homosexuals were also Hitler's holocaust victims, it would not surprise me in the slightest that Card found Hitler to be a sympathetic figure, especially since he advocates for doing the same thing.

I guess it's easy to like Enders Game when you aren't part of a group that has historically been targeted for genocide by one of the most evil men in history.

While I hate and completely disagree with his views on... well, everything, I still liked this book. I have spent my entire life living in a little, 1800 person redneck town stuck inside its own little bubble, and everyone around me has been as prejudice as possible. Because of this, I have learned to simply turn a blind eye to things that I disagree with in other people, because it would have affected me personally if I hadn't. For example: When I was still a bible-thumping, "praise Jaysus" Christian, one of my favorite book series was His Dark Materials. It obviously had anti-religious stuff in it, and the guy was a complete atheist, but I still liked it, because I liked the story and the characters, and I found the world(s) to be interesting. Did I agree with the author's views on things? No, but I still liked the books.

Also, the movie probably will suck, but on the off-chance that it's actually good, I will probably see it day-one anyway.

Then you are supporting a homophic bigot who advocates genocide for LGBT people, myself included. I'd love to say what I think of you because of that, but I suspect I'd get banned for it.

EDIT - Actually, you know what? I just want to clarify something. You are going to give money to a man that wants to take away my rights as a human being, lock me up, and ultimately kill me. A man that will use your money to make that horror a reality. You know this, it has been explained to you. Yet seeing a movie means more to you than my rights as a human being, than my life. A movie. Day one, even, because that's how much more this movie means to you than human rights and human life.

I don't need to say what I think of you, that just speaks for itself.

Okay, Alice, I asked nicely before. Now you are done.

You aren't the only LGBT person here. I'm gay, for instance. You are, however, the only person consistently posting angry, confrontational messages and making veiled personal attacks on other members. That's not acceptable, here.

You want to be angry about OSC? Fine. Good, even. You want to take it out on everybody around you? Do it somewhere else.

Everyone else: I'm closing this thread. If you want to discuss the topic further, you are welcome to do so. Just please start a new thread. Thanks.