Ever heard of James Galloway?

Hey all,

I'm new to WFG. The first writer who I discovered and that Web Fiction was even around was James Galloway, also known as Fel on the internet and on his own forums.

THis is, in short, probably the best author I've read. The characters are very original. The plot development is over the top, and in the case of the Sennadar universe, I love the magic.

He also has a Science Fiction series called Subjugation, a modern open ended romance called Kit, or at least that's what I believe it is, and another fantasy series called Spirit Walker.

The easiest way to get to all of his stories is at http://weavespinner.net/Worlds_of_Fel.htm.

You can get them in various formats there, including HTML and Microsoft Word .doc.

You can also go to wiki.sennadar.com, there it has summaries of mostly the Sennadar serrieses.

And forum.sennadar.com is where you can get the latest releases.