Eviscerati.Org now mobile-friendly

So for the last year or two one of the goals I had for my site, from an accessibility perspective, is to make it "mobile-friendly" -- essentially make it viewable/usable for people who have smartphones. This is easier said than done.

There are plenty of templates out there that will do this (even for Drupal--I know everyone else here uses WordPress) but my site has a lot of customization in it, mostly due to the specific taxonomy/data linking needs I have for my webcomics. The webcomics themselves were sort of an issue as well, since they are fixed at 600 pixels wide which makes it tricky to "scale down" a site to smartphones that have a portrait display of about 480 pixels (those are older phones these days, granted).

But I finally did it! It's now possible to read my fiction in a smartphone without having to pan all over creation, and read my comics in a more modern smartphone as long as you're willing to do so landscape. It took me about a month to work out all the kinks to the point where I could push it live, and now I still need to fix some rather annoying bugs (if you have a minimum font size set in your browser, the comic images scale down whether I want them to or not, and in Tablet and smartphone view the site header is really messed up) but it's mostly usable and I'm pleased with it.

I will test this! hmm.. on a blackberry (old school, not z-q ) images breaks it, the side banners are now under the text, and the text auto formats to fit the screen, but not images, and if a wide image exists, all the text gets widened to the image size. but I dont think you have many of us berrys looking at you.

Yeah, there's only so much I can do because of the comics. If the phone can't do 600 pixels then you're humped. Most semi-modern phones can do 600px in landscape. Does blackberry support landscape?

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! this sucker, http://crackberry.com/sites/crackberry.com/files/kevin/blackberry-bold-9900-hero.jpg its always in landscape mode.