Excuse Me While I Toot My Own Horn

Hello! Excuse the shameless self-promotion, but something quite exciting happened today.

One of the UK's finest newspapers, The Guardian, today highlighted my humble website The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely as one of the Best of the Web, on their website.

Here is the link:


(See the bottom right-hand corner, under Best of the Web).

I just wanted to share this moment with you all, as I am rather excited by it. It's good to get some blog fiction recognised out there!

Many thanks for indulging me!

That's awesome, Fanton! Congratulations!

Toot away. Shameless selfpromotion is a staple of being a well-read blook author it seems sometimes :D

Congrats on the mention though, I know the Guardian really is a well read publication, so with a little luck this'll be some really good publicity for you (and with a little luck, by extension the rest of us.)

Thank you very much!

I'm as pleased as punch right now. This was a lovely surprise!

Let's hope it opens the floodgates to further wonder for us all!

absolutely awesome, fanton! *echo spotty: toot away!* your site certainly deserves it :) huzzah lord likely!

Hey congratulations to you! That's really great!!

That's awesome! Mmm... mainstream media coverage... gotta get me summa that!

Congrats, don't forget us when you're famous.

Congratulations! Great news :)

Congrats, mate! Today the Guardian, tomorrow the Sun? ;)



And then.... the world!

Thank you all very much. I'm still thrilled to the back teeth about this!

Now the Likely Empire can only grow...BWAH-HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!

Ahem. Thanks!

Oh yes - and thank you Chris, for a lovely review today as well.

You were entirely fair and correct! Hooray!

Congratulations :)