Facebook Ads

Any of you used them?

I used them for my book and had no luck.

Were you able to work out what went wrong?

I'm planning to use them. They look extremely powerful. Try this site for help http://www.jonloomer.com/

I've no idea. The first Facebook ad I did (using my cover as an image) was super good. Got over 100 likes and 70 clicks on the link to the Amazon sales page. http://i64.tinypic.com/rhsuq9.png

The second Facebook ad - using the same cover image and almost the same text - got similar clicks and likes per hour, and quite a few shares, but somehow... 0 link clicks? I'm confuzzled. Maybe there was a bug in Facebook's stats display or I did something wrong. Note: the first ad was set up by my virtual assistant, the second one I did myself. Maybe she used some kind of trick I didn't know about. I should ask her.

Note: Facebook ads are all about the quality of the image, so a great cover helps a LOT. Mine isn't good at thumbnail size but pretty good at 'Facebook image display' size.

Chrys- what was the time span difference between the two?

@ Leo the first ad was in the middle of May, the second one in September... so about 3 months.

Hmm ok. I know Facebook constantly tweaks their algo, so maybe that changed? Running an Amazon ad now and I'll let y'all know if I see success there.

@ChrysKelly: I'm not really sure what went wrong honestly. I didn't really look too far into it since I have a limited time on this. I just assumed it was because I'm a new author, it was my first book, and I didn't invest a lot of money into it.

I've used FB ads a few times. I honestly have a hard time telling what works and what doesn't since so many variables go into consumer trends.

It's all a bunch of occult mojo and I'm all out of goats. I guess I'll just continue throwing money down the hole every other week and hope for the best.