Facebook -- How to use it?

So I did a search of the forums, and it seems there are some of us here who use Facebook to make pages or groups. I've been thinking about trying it out as a means of networking and promotion, but I'm a little stumped here.

What would you folks recommend? Posting a page under your pseudonym? Making a fan group for your story? Which is better: a page or a group? How has it worked for you?

In my case, I'm particularly bothered as to WHAT to make.

I'm part of a creative circle that shares a domain. They wouldn't mind if I made my own page/group, but they may also think it a good idea to make something for the creative circle as a whole. Would it be redundant to make my own page/group then? I plan on starting atleast two more online series. Do I do them individually? Would I earn less traffic if I tried making something under my pseudonym?


I've used a page myself. Much easier to update and more options than groups. Make a page for the serial, rather than yourself.

Thanks for the tip! That seems to be the way to go.

Just out of curiosity, who else out there has made a facebook page?

I wouldn't mind adding your guys page's to my page's favourites (if that makes any sense!).

My page is here.

Got ya in my faves!


I'm open to adding others to my favorites as well.

@eikasia Right back at ya!

Also open to adding others. :)

I've made a Fan Page too, for my serial. But I'd have a question:

How do you add "Favourite Pages"? I'm search the page to find that out but it eludes me... Oo

(Scratch that! I've just found out how to do it and added you. ;))

A little searching & I found you.

Everyone else - xarro's facebook page is here.

I confess to not having a clue when it comes to facebook.

How DO you set up a page for a story?

@Xarro Added you! :D

@Miladysa Facebook does take a bit of getting used to, but it isn't terribly complicated. You go here and put in your information. I don't believe you need a personal profile to make a fan page, though I went ahead and did one anyway. If you're unfamiliar with facebook, it might be helpful, because the site will try to guide you through some of the common features. Be careful what you put as your fan page's name, because you can't change it.

The sticky part (for me atleast) was trying to add applications to the page. Alot of apps out there don't work for fan pages.

@eikasia Thanks :)

I stumbled at the first huddle though - what category are you all listed under?

Umm...I THINK I'm under "website" on the second drop-down menu. I tried looking it up, but I don't think that information is visible. It seems entirely for the purpose of indexing.

Thanks eikasia - I'll have another go later :)

IIRC I'm listed under "website" too: there was no other relevant category. There is a "writer" category, but the page is dedicated to the writing, not to me. I'm not after fans of me. :D

I have mine listed under website as well!