Facebook use

I've noticed that a lot of people who ARE using facebook like boxes are putting in the web address of the story as their thing to Like.

If I might make a marketing suggestion? Create a page for the story. (there is now a book category when making pages!) and have the facebook page as the like button on your website. Why? Because then, when you post as that page, it shows up on their wall. Post that you have a new post, it shows on their wall. Doing a donation drive? Shows up on their wall. If they just like the url of the story, you can't do that.


Hm. That's a really cool idea, Alexander. I haven't done ANYTHING with Facebook, and I probably should...

... ok, I'm a dummy. How does one make pages in Facebook? Ever since they redesigned it I can't find anything.

That's exactly what I've been doing, Alexander. I rather like the way I've got things set up, as my RSS feed links into my Hootsuite account, which then posts any RSS updates directly to my Twitter and the STREET FB page. All I have to do is upload an RSS update and everything else happens automagically.

You can find said page here if anyone's curious: http://www.facebook.com/pages/STREET-A-Cyberpunk-Trilogy/201738298882



Thanks Alexander I will do that tonight. LOL. I think.

My facebook fan page has been an excellent way for readers to be notified when my site updates. Echoing Alexander, I highly recommend getting a fan page as well.

ubersoft, on the left hand bar, choose show all, its the category ads and pages.

Glad to see some people have been doing it that way. Just remember, if you are putting a like button on the website itself, it should like the fan page, not the url!

Oh, thanks for the idea. I have a page for my publishing itself, but not for individual stories. Thank you. I'll test this idea out.