Fake Sock Puppet Reviews, On Purpose

A few weeks ago I decided to parody the then-discussed revelations that authors were writing reviews of their own work through sock puppet accounts by, well, writing reviews of my own work via sock puppets that I admitted were sock puppets (and making the reviews as ridiculous as possible).

You can see them here, if you're interested:


I created two characters: "Milton Horace Dante Longfellow III," a serious literary critic, and "Weev1l42," who is decidedly more... lowbrow. And of course I had them review the works that were most ill-suited to their temperaments, so Horace reviewed Pay Me, Bug! and Curveball, and The Weev reviewed The Points Between.

I thought it was a ridiculous amount of fun to write (especially Horace) but alas I've already reviewed everything I've done. So I wonder if any of you would be game for either of them to take a gander at your stuff.

Here's the stuff you have to understand about them:

- no matter who you are, no matter how good your stuff is, they will detest your work with a passion and go into excruciating detail why. I can guarantee that the people who visit my site regularly will get that it's a joke, but keep in mind that there are people who believe that news articles on the Onion are real, and the reviews will show up in a Google search.

- Weev1l42 rates his reviews by timing how long it takes to read a work before he wants to start punching the writer in the face (the highest grade is 4 days, 7 hours, 26 minutes -- War & Peace). It's a parody of the vehemence exhibited by many gamer reviewers, but it's still talking about committing acts of violence. Not everyone likes that, and I'm not trying actively piss any of you off. I just want to know who else wants to play. :)

- Of the two, I think I write Horace better, but I try to use Horace for stories that are more directly genre and The Weev for stories that are more experimental and "highbrow" because of the contrast.

Also, even if you're game it might be a while before I write more because NaNoWriMo is starting up and I've already gone stark raving mad.

Anyway, just wanted to throw it out there because I think it might be fun, but I'm not interested in having fun at anyone's expense unless they're on board.

Also, consider writing your own deliberately obviously fake sock puppet reviewers. We should create a whole Muppet review army. Chaos would reign supreme.

I don't think that's such a great idea for reasons of Poe's law...

Aside from that have people seen Amazon's apparent response to the sock puppet mess http://killzoneauthors.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/et-tu-amazon.html

It seems ridiculously heavy handed.

Well I wasn't planning to post them on Amazon! Just my site and a tumblr (sockpuppetreviews.tumblr.com, not yet populated).

But Poe's Law is a valid point.

Heh, I wasn't suggesting you were I just though people might be interested in the Amazon issue...

And even the most ardent misconstruer would probably get the point of a tumblr named sockpuppet reviews