FavIcon Advice

I am a horrible designer. If colour has a version of tone-deaf, that's me, so I need you fine folks to be the real opinion.

My site's got a red, yellow, burnt-orange scheme. I like it and think it fits the story. I also just put up a FavIcon (this little number: (http://theotherkindofroommate.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Tartra_merman.png )), which is teal, blue and blinding yellow. It's supposed to be the brand mascot for my serial's version of Starbucks, so as far as a parody on that goes, I like it and think it fits that brand.

The question I have now is, does this bright blue and teal face fit in with my red and orange site as a fun, unexpected splash of colour, or does it stick out too much because it's not the same red/yellow/orange mix?

FYI, the link is picking up the two close parentheses at the end. Nothing a quick copy/paste of the actual link didn't fix for me, but just so you know.

Your red/yellow/orange reads very neutral on my monitor (closer to beiges and browns than pure hues) and teal is complementary to orange. Plus you have the flesh tones that tie the icon into the site colors, too. I think it has exactly the "splash of color" effect you're looking for, especially since it's tiny-sized.

I'm on the "enthusiastic amateur" end of the design spectrum, so I'll defer to any experts we have, of course.

Edited to add: I really like your site design, overall including the color choices. Just so you know you have an up-vote on those choices, too. ;)

@LEErickson - Thanks for the heads up. I gave the link a tweak.

And that's one vote for Splash of Colour! Thanks for looking at it, and for the nice words. :D

The Favicon doesn't stick out for me, but then I do almost all my web browsing on Safari on my laptop, so normally it's a small blue circle there anyway. Under normal circumstances, I suspect I wouldn't have noticed until I went to navigate away, then gone "oh, that's different". So I think you're good. But I don't know from design.

Thanks, mathtans! :)

As someone who browses on Chrome, the Favicon is fine. In fact, my theme is almost the same color as the site, and it doesn't clash with that either, for whatever that's worth. It doesn't quite 'pop', but it is distinctive, which is what you want from a Favicon anyway.

@Knifleman - Wait, I don't know what you mean. My concern was if the colours on the FavIcon (the blue and teal and bright yellow) clashed too much with the colours of the main site (the red and orange and burnt yellow). I'm not getting what you said about your theme not clashing with your site... :S

Sorry, should have clarified. By 'my theme' I meant my theme on chrome; the color scheme I use for tabs and blank pages, not my own website's theme. I can see why it might have been a bit confusing.

I'm just gonna take that you saying the colours in the FavIcon don't clash with my site's. :S Thank you!

Hi Tartra.

I checked on default conditions with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari. I'm not seeing any clashes of color from your icon to the color compositions of your site. You're right, the splash of color is good to draw the eye, but at least to me isn't intense.

I dig your theme with your work and like how much energy and atmosphere it helps to breathe into your story. Will definitely be checking your stuff out. Really like the world-building you did by getting that icon up as the logo for your in-universe version of Starbucks. I'm a sucker for subtle touches and world-building like that. Got a good chuckle out of the logo.

From a purely design point of view, the colors of your site and those of the icon remain in the same area of the color wheel. You're not hitting anyone with complementary colors (opposite colors) or anything. Like red v green / purple v yellow / blue v orange. You're in the same palette. Just the greens and blues are a bit outside. That's fine as they draw the eye.

@Sovereign - Whoo! Fantastic. :D Thanks for that breakdown. I'm glad to hear it's all warking to build an atmosphere for the story, and if anyone ever asks why the icon's so blue compared to everything, I'm especially glad you gave me an explanation about complementary colours to whip out. Thank you!

And it's also awesome to hear you'll check the story out, too. Hope you like it!