Favorite Genre

So, I recently started work on my next project (I'm really disappointed in Devil, I had to rewrite the last three chapters of volume 2, and the best character never got introduced), and it made me realize that my favorite genre to write in is horror (#nextstephenking). This lead to a train of thought that ended with me wondering:

  • What's your favorite genre to write in?

  • What's the longest time you've gone without writing in that genre?

  • (The next two are just because I started the book) If you have read Rosemary's Baby and seen the movie?

  • Why are they remaking Rosemary's Baby? Seriously, the new miniseries takes place in Paris. What's up with that?

* Space. I am counting this as a genre.

* Never. All roads lead to space.

* I think I saw the movie a very long time ago.

* Money + Zoe Saldana

One more question:

Who the hell is Zoe Saldana? I have never heard of her until this thing, and suddenly everyone I have spoken to is like, "It's got Zoe Saldana." I have no freaking idea who she is, and if I'm being honest, I'm not sure anybody else did, either, but they wanna sound like they did.

Zoe Saldana's big breakout role was Avatar. She played the love interest blue catgirl. She also played Uhura in the Star Trek remakes. I also enjoyed her in The Losers and I'm looking forward to her as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy.

As for genre, so far I've only done "Super" mixed with "Comedy" though I wouldn't mind branching out into horror and/or space. I've also considered that if I can get a digital copy of the script of Dark Knight Rises, I'd work on rewriting it to make a good movie.

Longest time I've gone without writing in that genre would be more than 20 years.

Never read or seen Rosemary's Baby.

Money. Cream. Dolla dolla bill, yo.

Zoe Saldana~! I have a total lady crush on her. She's Uhura in the new Star Trek movies and she played Neytiri in Avatar. Great actress.

I read the book of Rosemary's Baby and saw clips from the movie. Loved the book! Thought the movie was great but dated. I can see why they'd want to remake it. It's a known property that older generations would recognize, and the success of its horror has already been proven. I'd go see it!

My favorite genre is "science fantasy," unique fantasy worlds with sci-fi aesthetic OR my own made-up fables. It's a toss-up. I have a few fables written out that need to be turned into comics (my preferred medium for the fables), so the itch to work on them is real! The graphic novels I made for a publisher were contemporary YA. It all took place in NYC and it drove me insane. I couldn't wait to get back to fantasy. As soon as that series was done, I drew a comic about two fisherwomen who turn into sea monsters and kill each other. I was SO eager to draw fantasy! To this day it's my favorite comic. So maybe sometimes a break is helpful!

Also sorry for any grammar or spelling errors in here, I haven't been sleeping much.

Maybe I've just read too much too broadly but I find straight genres limiting. You kind of get restricted to expectations - sci-fi usually shows how relationships/humanity are more important than technology and power. Fantasy is good conquering evil in archetypal forms, and usually someone who started out fairly normalshowing heart is more important than magic.

Detective novels, westerns, horror, romance are pretty repetitive.

I have a fondness for mixed genre - Stephen King's Dark Tower is western, fantasy, sci fi and horror. Worm is superhero, sci fi, horror. Queen of 7 is fantasy with sci fi, family drama and teen romance elements.

Superheroes in general combine genres - detectives, aliens, wizards etc.

I tend to focus now on strong characters and intriguing plots, regardless of topic.

I write in speculative fiction. Scifi, superhero, steampunk, (urban) fantasy, paranormal - it's pretty much always one of those, with elements of several other genres thrown in (I don't stick to pure genres either). I play with horror, mystery, suspense, romance, adventure, war... and probably some others, but always under a speculative umbrella.

How long since have I gone writing outside of that? Hmm. Maybe a short story? It's pretty unusual for me to step outside speculative fiction into straight/realistic fiction. I keep thinking that I should try my hand at one of the super-popular genres for the money, like erotica or romance, but they just don't speak to me on their own so it hasn't happened yet.

I also tend to write from a strong character standpoint. The rest is the kind of atmosphere and scenery that interests me and lends me fun tools with which I can beat said characters about the head.

I think I saw Rosemary's Baby once upon a time, but I barely remember it. Why are they remaking it? Because remaking stuff is really fashionable right now and it's easier than creating something new. Or maybe it's because studios know that remakes will get them a certain amount of returns because of the built-in fanbase and it's easy to get projects funded. I'm not really sure, but there do seem to be a lot of remakes around lately.

I've always been a fan of heroic fantasy, but I'll read anything if it's good. I like cross-genre stuff too, like the Watchmage serial. My first novel, Song of Simon (plug plug plug) is a heroic fantasy, with modern themes.