Favorite Place to Write?

What's your favorite place to write? What conditions do you find your creativity and productivity highest at? I like to write at the food court at the mall, where I can hear people around me without them actually talking to me. Complete silence distracts me just as much as extremely loud noise, but the general buzz of conversation from people all around me, all at relatively the same volume, gives me just enough background noise to make me have to concentrate without it actually being distracting, and I can usually churn out a 2,000 word chapter in one go.

I like privacy, and music without words.

Haha, music is my weakness. If I hear music, any kind at all, anywhere around me... whoosh, there goes all my concentration! It's like my brain latches onto it and I can't focus on anything else. And people wonder why I get so grumpy when they play music around me, lol. I do like it for brainstorming, though.

I usually just type on my desktop. I'm not a fan of typing on a laptop and I don't have a keyboard for my tablet but I probably wouldn't type on it anyway given how I like large keyboards. I do type with music but it's concerning what they type of music it is. Anything with a person singing, I can't type. I loose concentration. I generally listen to Two Steps From Hell, Lindsey Sterling, and I recently discovered Epic Soul Factory. If not that, concentration music. I particularly like istononic tones.

Epic Soul Factory? Never heard of them. I'll need to check them out.

I write on my laptop, into a text file, by myself. Usually at home. Often at a desk, sometimes on my bed. People are the ultimate distraction, all that movement! Sometimes I'll have the radio on, or Japanese anime music on loop just for background noise, but once I really get into something I tend not to notice what song is playing anyway (particularly if it's familiar). Takes me about 5 hours to manage 2,000 words though. I have a tendency to re-read from the start whenever I hit a snag, so editing and writing will intermix.

I have a set playlist of Jean Michel Jarre albums for when I'm writing. Since it's set, I know roughly how long I've been writing by which song I'm on.

I actually do a lot of writing while out and about. Mostly, it's on buses and other public transport, or when I have a few minutes between classes. I just use the Word app on my phone, and tap out a chapter 50 or so words at a time. It's probably not the best way to do it, but most weeks, I don't have the time or energy to just sit down and write straight out. When I do, though, it's my desktop, internet off, and instrumental music. Used to be a lot of Two Steps From Hell, but recently I've been using the Steven Universe soundtrack, because I found it actually works really well for me.

I write everything in a notebook first, and I usually write best when it's quiet but I have small, minor distractions, like a cup of tea to drink from or when I volunteered at a help desk.

Typing it up, which also serves as really good editing, is almost always done very late at night (verging into very early in the morning) when I don't allow myself to go to sleep until the chapter is done. Writing while sleepy is actually very good for my creativity, and a lot of my jokes come from this time.

It depends on what I'm trying to accomplish. In general, for actual creation of new words, I do best with privacy and quiet. Like unice, my most creative time is when I'm a little groggy, but for me that's when I first wake up. (Woe to ye who wander into my office first thing in the morning.) I used to be able to write with music of any kind cranked up, but I can't anymore. If I'm brainstorming, plotting, making notes, then I will often use music for motivation/inspiration, but not while I'm actually writing.

That's the ideal, but I learned years ago that if I actually wanted to write, I had better learn how to adapt and make use of whatever opportunities present themselves. When my kids were little, I'd keep a notebook open on the kitchen counter and scribble in it whenever I could grab a minute or two, then type/edit while they napped. (I wrote a lot of flash and short fic in those days.) When I worked full-time, the notebook stayed on my desk for breaks and lunch. When I'm home, I prefer my desktop, which is a gaming rig with an over-sized monitor, if I'm writing and need to have more than one doc open (notes, outline, browser for research, etc.), because I can lay them out side by side and not have to keep flipping back and forth. If all I need open is the ms and there's somewhere in the house without a TV running or guitar strumming or people talking, then I'll use my laptop because my office gets really dang hot/cold. Best spot in the house is my comfy chair/ottoman with the dog across my feet. Second best (except during the winter) is my comfy deck chair with the dog across my feet. (I highly recommend the dog across the feet trick. Acts as an anchor and inspires you to keep your BIC.)

For me it's: put on headphones, play my main Spotify playlist (lyrics are fine), and write on my Bluetooth keyboard. Doesn't really matter where I am, as long as nothing exciting is happening around me. I write directly into the WordPress editor.

When I write away from home, I use an Alphasmart. Does anybody else have one?

In bed on a laptop works for me. Music with lyrics doesn't hurt either. The Megas are pretty good for that, or going with various songs that annoy people like What is Love?, Barbie Girl, Mickey, Boom Boom Boom Boom, One Night in Bangkok, Rhythm is a Dancer, I Touch Myself(the song, I mean), The Warrior, and Cotton-Eye Joe. Also some Queen. I could probably go on for way too long with the songs and artists I like to listen to, actually, though I also find that sometimes it's just best to work with the internet off.

@OP I used to be in the same club as you. Three kids later that's no longer logistically an option though.

Nowdays I squeeze out some time when the kids have fallen asleep, but I'm at the most productive when my wife gives me a couple of hours so that I can sneak put to the bar across the street and sit down in an environment somewhat alike the one you described.


I don't have a favorite place to write. For me, writing is something that can be done as long as I have the following:

1. Computer/iPad or alternately a notebook and pen. If a computer, preferably with a copy of Scrivener installed. That said, I'll happily write in Notepad, Word, or a Mac's Notes app.

2. Something drinkable. Tea, beer, water, coffee, pop, or wine are all acceptable.

3. Minimal interruptions.

4. Music is optional. Sometimes it helps block out the world around me. Sometimes I can get lost in listening. It depends.

I suspect the flexibility is the result of having kids first of all, and thus taking advantage of any opportunity to write. Secondly, it's also due to writing everything the night before it's supposed to post. I simply don't have time to get fussy about things.

My favorite place to write is my desk, with my laptop, on Word, with Hollywood Undead or random AMV's on youtube(Depending on my mood) playing in the background on my headphones. Nowhere else works for me.

Where ever there is Tchaikovsky.

Don't really have any options, but I've always written locked up in my room anyway. Prefer using Word over anything else.

By preference, I write in quiet solitude, but in practicality I have learned to write anywhere, anytime.

In my private office, which I no longer have. :-/