Featured Listings, Featured Update

I've glanced over the site and this forum and I'm a little unclear on the subject of the Featured Listing and Featured Update on the main page.

Out of curiosity, what determines what makes an update or listing 'featured'? I've seen listings with ratings as low as two stars get featured, so it doesn't necessarily seem to be the most popular stories going up.

I'm suspicious the featured update bit is derived from RSS feeds (and added my RSS feed to my submission), but I'm especially curious about the featured listing. I'm not really going out of my way to advertise my story, I'm really majorly hugely thankful for the readers & the feedback this site provides, and I'm planning on getting into reviews in the new year. I'm just wondering how this (prominent) part of Webfictionguide works, before I get underway, both for potential exposure for my story and for worthy stories I happen to review.

(Hoping the featured update/listing requirement isn't "don't ask about the featured update/listing", haha)

The featured listings and updates require an editorial review at or above 4 stars. The featured updates are drawn from the RSS feeds of qualified listings.

If you've seen something with two stars get featured, please let me know which listing it was, and I'll look into the problem.

So noted. It came up and was replaced a short time later by another review, but I'll be sure to screenshot it next time it happens, if it happens again. Though as I think on it, it might've had a low reader rating and a high editor one.

Thanks for answering my question, Chris.