I just got an email from offering me the chance to submit one of my stories to them. From what I gathered, they work like any other serial fiction site, except they have a submission process and actually pay their writers. $20usd per chapter if I'm understanding them right. Have any of you guys heard of them or worked with them before?

Never heard of it.

Twenty dollars wouldn't get me excited about all the conditions and deadlines they no doubt implement.

5.Who owns the copyright of signed stories?

Electronic copyright: the author, though for the three years after payment of author remuneration, FicFun will have exclusive rights to freely publish contracted stories natively or on third-party websites and to charge for readership access. After three years, FicFun will only retain the right to freely publish contracted works on its own website. Without authorization by FicFun, authors will not be allowed to delete contracted works.

Publication rights: exclusive to the author. If the author commissions FicFun to publish physical books, FicFun will be entitled to 50% of the proceedings. If the author publishes physical copies on his or her own, FicFun will be entitled to 30% of the proceedings.

Derivative works (movies, games, comics, audio books): exclusive to the author. If FicFun makes a successful recommendation, FicFun will be entitled to an economic agency fee of 20%.

Not too bad, im thinking.

Never heard of them so, lets check them out.

For anyone who is wondering, this is how their payment works:

1.What is FicFun's Signed Writer Program?

The contract generally stipulates two issues:

Interesting, though, I wonder how sustainable this all is because I'm curious how they make their money.

So I did a little digging and found this discussion about them. Doesn't give me good feelings. Also, apparently they think that $10 for 1,000 words is pathetic. If I submitted The Gray Ranger to them like the guy who contacted me suggested, I would make roughly $1850. I admittedly don't know a whole lot, but that sounds like a good bit of money. Is that less than what most serial publishing companies would pay?


It isn't a whole lot of money.

The difference between FicFun and Tapas is they've a clear method of generating money to pay writers. And maybe I didn't wonder on the site long enough, but I didn't find anything. This is a place that's probably going to fail because of that if it's legit. I mean this isn't the only place that's used this method to pay creators out of thin air and end up dropping the model/payment method. This place reminds me of Inkitt in that, just stay far away from them.

I've tried using Tapas, but they had a word limit for their chapters. Since mine go on longer than they want I'd have to reformat the entire book to make it work with tiny, tiny chapters. I just don't think that's worth it.

Some concerns:

1. They seem to be lumping ebooks in with the electronic copyright, based on what Alex posted. In that context, they have to right to put it up anywhere, so even if you gain momentum with the story, they would be able to publish and ride the hype. Now the language might just be poor and they could be counting ebook with the print rights, which brings us too:

2. They want 30% of your book if you publish it with no involvement from them. Note that the snippet we have doesn't say 30% for three years or anything, so that means lifetime of the book. That is a HUGE, permanent stake in your property for the paltry entry price of $10 per $1000 words as AdamBolander quoted. 30% is what Amazon takes, and there is no fathomable way they are providing that level of distribution or service.

Either way, I would seriously consider pre-publishing negotiations in which you get a contract reducing, or honestly eliminating, their stake in the print and ebook sales. And deal with them very carefully. The stuff people have posted so far paint a company not to be trusted too readily.


That link was mostly for comparison not so much you should go with them. These guys don't do much is what I'm saying.

Does anyone have any other serial websites they can recommend? I'm especially interested in ones that pay their authors. I already use WattPad, Fictionpress, RoyalRoad, and Deviantart.

Drew, i completely missed that 30 percent line, I feel like a moron. Thank you! Thats an automatic deal breaker.

on the amount, an industry standard for short fiction is six cents a word, though some places pay more, and I'm seeing 9 and 10 a lot more. so 60 per 1000 words.

That said, a lot of smaller , indie markets will do token payments, 10-15 for a story of 1-3k.

Hi May I asked a few questions because it seems like you encounter Ficfun too..

I will be paid for easch of them 150USD.

2: I can put the story free on there website or apps Ficfun and will just pay me 50USD each for the story.

Now my questions is,

Is this site trustworthy or am I selling my books for 150 and gone?

Please let me know your opinion about it thank you so much in advance.

I actually second @AdamBolander's question: what sites are there which actually pay sustainably? It seems that all we ever see on the forums are the scams, you know? Now I'm curious if there is anywhere that is really recommendable.

I do like money...

If you want to make money selling stories online then you just got to do your own ebooks. Pretty much all of these hey we'll pay you to post your stuff things are scams. Generally the only legit versions of these models don't seek you out, you have to submit to them, like in the paper days.

After 7 month, I've neither heard good nor bad about this place. However, I can't seem to find the information that I've linked before about their payment methods at all. The site has updated and I don't know if it works the same.

It looks as if you now have to submit your work and they decide if they want to pay your for it or not. The payment list that they post is very short, so they don't pay many. And there is no page that states the amount they pay you. That information must be requested. I reckon they choose only a handful of stories and all of the titles look very romance and related genre and sub-genre. This place is based in Hong Kong which is an automatic ignore forever for me.

As for a place that does, Tapas but I don't know how you are chosen to become a premium writer other than they think they can sell your story. But if you hit all the buttons, you can make some money. However, some of their requirements to join the site that keeps me from joining as a regular member. Aside from, I don't know if I have an audience there.

I tried to use Tapas, but their word limit per chapter is ridiculous.

And that's why I won't join. It's either break everything in unnatural breaks or write a story cater to their "small bite." And I've run across enough stories on there that are awkward because of the word limit.

Note to self: reread old threads to make sure you're not repeating yourself.

I've been contacted by a few sites/apps like this. It strikes me as an incredibly bad idea to let my works go to a platform that I have zero control of. One such site, for example, made it clear that NAH would be translated into different languages. Some of the sites/apps have 'Monopoly currencies' where readers have to buy currency to view chapters, which strikes me as pretty bad.

Just about every email has set off my 'this is too good to be true' detector.

edit: Like, that excerpt that Alexander Hollins posted as 'not too bad' -- YIKES.

I happen to see this discussion and I think I might be able to answer some of the questions above.

"If the author commissions FicFun to publish physical books, FicFun will be entitled to 50% of the proceedings. If the author publishes physical copies on his or her own, FicFun will be entitled to 30% of the proceedings."

There are no such things in the contract. Paid attention to the contract when you sign them.

"It strikes me as an incredibly bad idea to let my works go to a platform that I have zero control of. "

We can revise and correct our work after uploading them.

"word limit per chapter is ridiculous"

There is no word limit on Ficfun.

"Is this site trustworthy"

I can't say that. But we do get paid.

"Some of the sites/apps have 'Monopoly currencies' where readers have to buy currency to view chapters, which strikes me as pretty bad."

Yeah. Just like books on Amazon, readers pay to read your works. That's how those sites/apps get revenues and pay the authors.

Personally, I can't see the problems on that.

Correct me if I get something wrong.