I'm curious to know about what the writers around here fill about fillers. In serial web novels, is it acceptable to have filler episodes like those in web comics? Or are readers craving action? Personally, I think fillers are bit annoying in web comics or other media, but it might be able to work for web novels in terms of character development and such. So what do you guys think?

I wouldn't like pointless filler if I was reading a novel. Pointless being the keyword. However, I may enjoy it if it was one of the following.

If there was a flashback that one of the characters relayed- something from before the story started that helped with character development.

Maybe a dream sequence that foreshadows a future event. - That would be cool

Maybe just a funny thing happens to the character - Short, but satisfying.

I started running short stories (backstory) set in my story universe on Saturdays, leaving core story updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. People routinely comment on the main story. I've had one comment in three weeks on the shorts. I suspect I'm going to have to abandon my plan. :-(

... yet, on the flip side, my 'filler' (ie. not main storyline) pieces, which are mostly history and setting information have been hugely successful. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact my story is somewhat disjointed to start with? I don't know.

@Chris: I've enjoyed them. Personally, I'm not sure looking at comments is the best way to tell. I'm not sure what is a good way to tell though.

I know that receiving comments certainly helps me feel like I'm being read in a way that even a large number of visits don't.

I've sometimes thought of doing filler myself. For example, people have expressed curiosity about certain things that haven't had a reason to come up in the main story. If I did a few filler items, I wouldn't have to attempt to integrate certain things into the main storyline.

I'm not sure if that would be a good thing or bad one.

Had a look at my logs. Looks like less than a third of my readers are reading the weekend stories. That's probably a strong vote against continuing them. That said, I'm not sure I can afford the time to go back to three days a week. :-(

Looks like less than a third of my readers are reading the weekend stories.

Before you do anything rash, think of it this way. Almost a third of your readers might be pissed that you no longer have weekend filler. :-)

Yeah, there is that . . . .

Just do what you think is right, don't worry about the readers at this point. If you write it, they will read. ;p

Heh. I think that, at least at the moment, I've got more filler than actual content...

On top of that, I think the majority of it has never actually been read by anyone. Does it still count as filler if you have to search for it?

I often like to break up Lord Likely's ongoing adventures with a one-off filler, sometimes in the midst of a story, as a sort of interval. These fillers take the form of either short diary entries, mock Victorian adverts or even the odd strip cartoon. It certainly gives my site a bit of added variety.

So far, this strategy is paying off rather well. These fillers serve as a nice little breather for my regular readers, and they often prove to be a very useful tool in attracting new readers. Indeed, due to their stand-alone nature, the fillers are often the most Stumbled and Dugg posts on Likely's blog. Everyone's a winner!


I have a few filler in echoes however they are mostly just to explain where they get certain objects or memories from, alot like flash backs that some of you use, but i intergrate them as story sequence so most people woulndt even relize it was filler.