Finally taking the plunge

About 8 or 9 months ago I talked about starting a webfiction serial, though it has taken me a while to get to the stage of being ready to start it. About 3 months ago I actually started working on it and as of yesterday I had finished off the first 3 parts, around 71,000 words worth.

Very soon I am actually going to start releasing it. I've got enough of a backlog built up now I think. Just need to do some editing to make it ready. Just hope that I don't get cold feet...

I haven't entirely been silent in those 9 months as I have been been putting up some shorter fiction in the meantime (around 20 stories worth so far) but the serial will be the main aim going ahead.

You can only get cold feet if you still have some to run...*grinds his axe*

Great that you decided to do it. :)

70.000 Words for 3 parts seems like an awful lot though, even in terms of backlog. How often will you post how much? And what's it gonna be about?

I've hung around serial writers a bit of late which is why I use parts the way I do - basically a 20-30k book broken up into a number of chapters.

My plan is to initially post once a week. How much depends on the events happening but I'm thinking of the 2 to 4k range, though we will see.

Its a bit of an epic fantasy with healthy doses of adventure archaeology.

Well the plunge has been taken - just posted up the first entry. I'll be doing it weekly but will post a few more entries over the next few days so as to build up a little collection.