First chapter views vs the rest

I love this graph of my first chapter views compared to the rest of the book. I'm interested in how other people's compares?

It suggests I have an 11% retention rate!

Goes to show you need to grab people with the opening. There are probably other factors though (bookmarking, or people returning to the site through it's WFG listing)

That's similar to mine. Chapter 1 has 3,400 views and the last chapter has 815 views. My first chapter is really boring compared to the rest of the book and with another round of revisions, it's at the top of my list to fix. - not dissimilar.

I have a spreadsheet I was using to watch Wattpad reads for a while.

If you look at different points, you'll get different ideas of what the retention rate is.

Based on first installment (measured at different times) it looks either pretty awesome or pretty terrible.

In hindsight, I should have been tracking the second, third, and fourth installments as well for some sense of what the real attrition was.

I'll look at whatever analytics data I can find.

I compared the last 30 days with the 30 days before that:

You can see the two 'types' of readers, those binging the archive and those reading with each update. Also shows the audience growth quite nicely.