First Impressions: need volunteers!

I am planning on doing a 31 day challenge on my website and I am looking for active serial writers that are interested in some feedback as well as some exposure!

First, here are my thoughts:

Here is what I am planning on doing:

Each day I am going to go to a new serial's website, read the first chapter/entry, and write up a 300 word (or more) post about my immediate and honest first impressions. This will not be a full review of the serial, but rather what I, as a reader, gleaned from what I have read/seen and whether or not I would continue reading the serial based off of those impressions. At the end I will do an article on the top 7 that impressed and hooked me the most.

What I need:

You! Though I can find some random serials to do here on The Web Fiction Guide, I would rather read some from writers that I know are active and interested in this. At the end of each day's impression (good or bad) I will provide a link to your serial and plug it, as well as provide a button on the post asking readers to vote for your serial on Top Web Fiction (naturally said button would link appropriately). I just ask that you link back to the first impressions post on your site in return.

I am gathering volunteers now and plan on starting this at the beginning of May. Anyone Interested?

That... sounds like fun, actually. I've just got two problems.

1- My serial isn't really a serial, they're standalone novels in the same setting. Think Discworld. Or Fire Emblem.

2- I suck at that 'early hook' thing- my strength is in character development and the long game... but that's nothing you have to worry about. I'll compensate by giving the book I think has the strongest start for that purpose. Even if it's nowhere near the first novel I've got.

In any case, I think Blue Steel's probably the best entry for a 'first impression'. Just remember to let your readers know that unless it's specifically called a sequel, it's a standalone.


That's not a problem at all! I would be more than happy to give you my impressions and thoughts on it! Looks like you are the first on my list :D If there is anywhere else you would like me to link to (besides your story) let me know. I am going to try to not look at your story until I start writing about it (that way my impressions are fresh).

I'd like the link to the main page, preferably.

It's where I have the intro blurb, complete with 'warning: this is not a story for kids' part.

... Uh, guess that's a spoiler... but, yeah, I don't write children's stories.

I don't actually have my own website (yet), but it would be cool if you'd give your first impression on my fiction on Royal Road. I'd definitely be able to link back to you in an author's note (and people actually read my author's notes).


Cool, I'll be sure to link there as well! I kinda guessed that based on your Duckman picture ;)


Of course! That's no problem at all! I'll add you to the list.

What? Nooo... Duckman is totally fine for children. I watched it growing up, and I turned out... oh...

Great idea, I'll be excited to read it. Be sure to announce on here when you start it!

Hello revfitz, I'll volunteer for your challenge. Sounds like a great idea. The link to my serial is in my signature.

I'll volunteer too. here's the link.

@revfitz, I think you've opened the tap and will now commence drinking from the fireplug.

I both commend your ambition and volunteer for your scrutiny. That said, I'm actively working to try to fix something on my site so let me know when you are going to start. I'm trying to get my candle logo to fit into the big red block. If you visit the site, you will see what I mean.

URL for the TOC for the story is

Good luck and stay weird.


Hmm. I'm a little reluctant to volunteer, since my serial is something of an outlier (it doesn't have a set update schedule, I split updates across multiple pages, it's not built on a blog etc) and I'm not sure how you'd want me to link back to you (the next chapter won't release until autumn, most likely), but I'll throw my proverbial hat into the ring out of mere curiosity.

@Fiona Gregory

I'm glad you think it's an exciting idea! I will! :D

@Scott Scherr

Thanks Scott! I'll add you to the list.


Thank you for the link, you are on the list!


I hope so, I still need to fill 25 days. Thank you, and no worries. I won't be starting till May and won't be looking at your stuff till the day of (to keep my impressions fresh) so you have till then!


None of those things are a problem. One of the things I love most about the Serial community is just how diverse in style and means of publishing it can have. I would love a link sooner but I'll make an exception because I am curious to see your stuff :D

I could still posts links to social media, and the last page of the serial is an update page for those who use bookmarks, so there are certainly alternatives!

I'm interested, put me in for one of those days, if you can.

Hopefully my chapter one is good enough.

Feel free to include mine. The funny thing is that I know for a fact that it has its flaws. I wrote it nine years ago, and cut a fair amount of it before putting it out as a ebook. That said, it's decent enough that quite a few people have made it into the story. So, I'll be curious about your response.

My link is in my signature, but I know that you know it.

I volunteer as tribute. This sounds like a smart idea, Revfits. Love these kinds of things. I wrote my first chapter a while back, and this has been my first novel. A learning experience. You'll be posting these on your site, yeah? Here's my link


That sounds like a good compromise to me, thank you!


Absolutely! You are on the list, I can find your stuff from your signature?

@Jim Zoetewey

I would be happy to give it a look :D It sounds like it has served you well for some years now, I am curious to see it.


I have been writing my first as well, it has been fun so far. Yeah, it will be posted on my site, thank you for the link!

@revfitz Yup, you can find it in my signature. Entirely Presenting You is the name.


I'm in the same situation as unice. We will be moving our stuff over to a website soon, but I don't know how soon. Atm my stuff is all up on rrl. And here's the link, I'd love to see someone's first impressions!