First time reviewer

Alright so i just finished a big name story, worm, and want to try to read something to review, but I am also not a reviewer like I see here. At the same time even though I could review worm it has a bunch already and am unsure if it's worth doing one for since well that series has a lot already.

I kind of want to just grab a random thing and read until I got an opinion on it, but unsure how good that would be. I mean I am new here and am unsure if i, a nobody in regards to reviews at least, would even be noticed since I've never reviewed before.

So i guess what I am asking is should I do reviews for stuff with a lot already and would people actually want reviews from someone as unknown as me.

I'm pretty sure everyone here is hungry enough for reviews (including me!) that how popular or unknown you are is pretty much irrelevant. :-)

Sort of like how I don't care about sports at all but really enjoyed the manga eyeshield 21 @elliottthomasstaude

Absolutely it's worth writing a review, even for something as popular as Worm, but ESPECIALLY for anything with no or almost no reviews. Every review on the site will help potential readers out for years to come. Web Fiction Guide is a great place to go if you're looking to review, uh, web fiction.

As another member of the perfect, smart and handsome crew, I really just have to recommend what Elliott said.

The big thing about reviews when I'm checking out a fiction is that the opinion feels justified. Even a negative, well-reasoned review might lead to me checking out a work, simply because I might be able to read the review and comprehend how/why they thought that way, and how my tastes differ.

When I review something on WFG, I generally read until...

1. I finish the text. This is what I try to do, in order to be as conclusive as possible.

2. I feel I've hit a point where I've got everything the text will show me. This might happen if I like it, but don't want to continue for fear of growing bored or dissatisfied.

3. I hit a landmine (or, to be more precise, a series of landmines) that makes me stop. This is the worst case scenario, and generally happens rarely.

Well I did a couple, but not sure how well they were done. I got one of those "this review was helpful" on each though.