Five weeks running, and no review...yet?

I have my first real attempt at a webnovel at It's a steampunk mystery that may evolve into a more adventure-laced war story. The title is Tales of the Inventor's War. I would really appreciate some feedback. If you feel that you must be nothing less than brutal, go for it. If there's even the tiniest thing that you like, please let me know that too. I'd really like to know if I'm doing this right.

Also, the site design isn't my own, since it's actually on the Wordpress site. That's not an issue here, just the fiction. Thank you for your time and effort.

I'm just having a look now.

One request - would you mind turning off Snapshots? I hate that a pop-up thing comes up when I'm trying to click on Next. Esp. since it's a preview of your site and I already know what it looks like!! :-D

Another minor point - Chapter 2, Part 4 (15 Jan) - the forward link is dead.

There are a few dead Next links, actually.

Review done :-) I hope you find it useful. Feel free to return the favour ;-)

Hi gryphonseyrie,

According to my records, your listing has only been up for about a week. In terms of the editorial staff, we're a bit behind on reviews, right now, so it may be a while before any of us get to it. We're still working on stuff listed at the beginning of January. :-(


Ahhh, so do all sites submitted get an editorial review??

At present, that's our goal. Problem is, we've been inundated with new listings since the end of December, and a lot of them are complete, 400+ page novels, so everything has slowed down. Hopefully, we can get back to about a two-week lead from listing to review, maybe by the end of February.

I didn't realise that! Thanks for the clarification. I'm even gladder I joined ;-)

Thanks for the input. Next links are one of my major problems that I know of, but I thought I had fixed them. Thanks for pointing it out, and I'll definitely turn of Snapshots. cpoirier, Thank's for the head's up. I wasn't sure how things worked here.