Flash Fiction Needed

Flashist Fiction, the newest website for up and coming flash fiction writers, is now up and running at www.flashistfiction.weebly.com

Calling all flash fiction writers! Got a story idea? Got some already written? Come join the flashist dictators at Flashist Fiction, the new home of flash fiction. Submit your story, tell your friends to come read it, and share your ideas with the world.

(Note: for those who don't know what flash fiction is, it is stories of 1,000 words or less. It's great fun to write, and good for a quickie of fiction if you just want a touch of fun before work or school.)

There are no age requirements, no content restrictions (besides one: NO OVERT SEXUAL/PORNOGRAPHIC CONTENT WILL BE ACCEPTED.)

The site is new, so there are only two authors and two stories at the time of this writing, but the editor expects this to change soon. Come help that changed! Join the flashist movement, and immerse yourself in flashism. Come be a flashist dictator!