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Have you guys seen this on Novelr?

Basically, this guy got a bunch of people to host his serial for one chapter only.

It got me thinking that something like this is really neat because it provides visibility for the author and for the sites where the content is posted. Kind of like when webcomics do guest strips on other sites or when they lend out characters to other comics.

I had an idea, which might be really dumb or crazy or both. I thought it might be cool to create a serial story written by a whole bunch of different web fiction writers. Each would commit to writing a chapter, which they'd post somewhere on their site, in addition to links to all of the other chapters.

The readers then would navigate each of the other writers' sites to get the whole story. It would help us writers get exposure and gain readers and help readers discover new web talent. I'm sure some of our readers would find the idea intriguing and would be willing to follow it just because it seems so weird. Plus, it might help to strengthen the web fiction community, which seems to be in its infancy.

Plus it sounds kind of fun.

Dunno, though. What do guys think? Really bad idea? Impossible to organize? Debates on whether or not to outline would destroy the project? Too much work?

Anybody interested?

Quite a project.

I guess the plus side of it would be that people on a lot of different sites would be exposed to the work.

(Apart from the "linkbait" factor that it's something new and people mention it...not to be sneezed at, but only works once per groovy idea.

Regarding the mulit-author thing, it's been way done. All the way back to books like "Naked Came The Stranger" in 1969 and "Naked Came The Manatee" in 1998 (Carl Hiassen and his Miami merry men)

It's also been done online. "Shadow Unit" was like "web fiction before there was web fictin". "A Million Penguins" is a group grope And "Trou Noir" is gang-written (as is everything on WeBook). "Mayan Calendar Girls" here on WFG is a team effort.