Forum Software recommendations?

Hi guys! My husband and I are thinking of revamping the comic forums we run and were wondering if there is such a thing as a spam-free forum software, or something close to it.

Do any of you have forums of your own, and how do you control the flow of spam?

As my readers are expressing interest in a forum for Worm discussion, I would like to second Amy's request.

phpbb is probably the most popular one out there, and it's fairly good at what it does. However, because it's so popular it's a prime target for hackers, exploiters, etc. You really need to stay on top of updates and patches, because the minute slip on those, you'll discover your forums have been hacked. I don't know what it does for spam, though.

My forums are currently offline, but I run them through Drupal (similar to how these forums are Wordpress-based). I control spam by using the Mollom plugin.

MyBB is something I looked hard at once upon a time, but it didn't have all the features I wanted at the time. It looks like it's come a long way since then. Here's a review:

Geek and Sundry runs using VanillaForum. What's nice about it is that is open source but it has to be hosted. Vanilla also allows login using facebook and Twitter. If they added openID I would have been even happier.

Phpbb has been around forever and a lot of people are familiar with it but the logins I've always found annoying to track. (I have joined a lot of forums and find it hard to keep dozens of usernames and passwords straight. Definitely prefer integration of the login with some other existing ID.)

WordPress also offers forum plugins but haven't tried any.

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So Iwent to look at this one forum that I thought had a spiffy log-in option ( and found that it was Wordpress based. However, instead of creating a WP account/log-in it uses aWordpress log-in plugin called Oneall( to allow other types of authentication.

As it turns out, oneall works with drupal, wp, and phpbb. This might not kill the spam issue, but I do think it might decrease your ID password/admin burden if you can bring in this kind of system. I did see your existing forums are phpbb (Boltcity) so think this might be worth looking at.

As an aside - flagging this for WFG admins as well. Last year we made a suggestion about trying to remove barriers to participation in WFG's forums as well as review system. This might help.

If you've got a Wordpress installation, you've also got the option of Bbpress, forum software that's essentially a Wordpress plugin. There are themes and plugins for it as well. I've used it on a couple sites, and while it's not as featured as some forums out of the box, it's not hard to add features with plugins.

We're using BBpress. It's fine for a small site. Don't know what it would be like for a large one (although, I think WordPress uses it for their support forum). The company where I work uses for their forums. Seems to work pretty well.


Thanks for the input, guys. Very much appreciated. I'm pretty sure I'll go with BBpress and may well try to implement it when I have some time to spare. Going away for a stretch, though, and I'll be operating solely through my (less than stellar) laptop, so it may have to wait.

Wow! This is so great. Thanks so much everyone. I sent a link of this post to my husband so he can jot down all the programs too. Hopefully we'll find something manageable! Also, good to know should I ever want to get back into running a forum myself. I do miss my Reman Mythology forums!