(free!) promotion opportunity

Yes that's right, we're helping you spread the word about your story for free! Because we're crazy like that.

Us gals from Ergofiction are starting up a biweekly fiction-focused issue in which we'll highlight stories based around certain themes. (The other weeks will be as before dedicated to editorial/articles).

The themes we've announced are:

More information on how to get your story showcased may be found here. If none of the 4 themes listed suit your story, never fear -- more issues will be announced in the future!

Definitely submitted my own story to the site (though I don't know if steampunk will qualify under science fiction--the story certainly has plenty of strange gadgetry, at least). Thank you for the opportunity!


We'll be announcing more themes in the future so do be sure to check back now and then. :-)

What if you write something that doesn't have a fixed genre (since it looks like you're dealing with genres, rather than themes...)?

Mm steampunk. @Robert Rodgers, I see I have a rival for my upcoming series! I haven't gotten around to reading thy work yet, but I'll get there.

Please feel free! I am a bit desperate for reviews (the only recent one I got mysteriously disappeared a week or two ago).

Awesome-cool! I'll totally submit something for 'The Grimmery' for the 'Most Haunted' issue.

And on that note, shortly-soon I'll be putting 'The Grimmery' on Web Fiction Guide (at least, once I get Ch 3 up), so be sure to check it out!

Ooooh, might try and submit mine for 'Feel The Heat' then... there will be romance, but I don't think that it will fit the romantic issue.