From Spring's Storms begins!

The sequel to From Winter's Ashes has now begun! Visit From Spring's Storms to begin reading.

It's been nearly four years since Frostmoor was saved by the sacrifices and bravery of Heather Blackthorne and her friends. Time's moved on, but old horrors and haunts still cling to her mind.

The world is done waiting for her to shake off the tragedy of her past. The necromancer who murdered her husband and son and stole their bones is hatching a plot with international consequence, and the nations of the world need Heather more than ever.

But before she can face down her old enemy, she has to face down her own horror and grief. This time, she's got friends old and new, ready to stand beside her, and weather what's to come.

Winter's ashes have been swept away, but can anything be salvaged from spring's storms?

That summary is fantastic. Nice job cramming at so much atmosphere into so little of a space.