From Winter's Ashes - Book 1, now complete!

And with Chapter 9.3's conclusion, From Winter's Ashes is now complete!

The sequel, 'From Spring's Storms', will begin writing soon.

Keith and I hope you've all enjoyed reading!

Congratulations. Out of curiosity how long did it end up being in total?

254k words, including Interstitials.

That's a long book.

Also, I just noticed you're on RRL. I sent you a message there but just in case you don't see it I'll mention it here as well.

I founded a group on RRL you might want to check out and apply to join. It's a really good way to get a lot of attention on RRL and meet some active amatuer writers that write similiar stuff.

Feel free to drop in our chatango chat as well.


And a fine story it was.

Congrats! :)

Congratulations! And good luck on the second book.

That's two goodly-lengthed novels! Very nice. Congrats on the finish, and way to keep pushing into the sequel.