From Winter's Ashes makes the jump from Webserial to Novel!

From Winter's Ashes has just made the jump from Webserial to novel! You can check it out and see a free preview here at:

Over the last five months, Keith and I have sweated over the story, given it a comprehensive rewrite, edit, and polish, and redesigned the cover and iconography, and we're tremendously proud today to announce it's landed on Amazon, ready for purchase.

Thanks to our readers and supporters, reviewers and fans, who've helped make this possible.

Ready to jump in and buy the book? Visit:

Thanks again, FWG! See you in From Spring's Storms!

- Patrick Rochefort

Congratulations! It must be really exciting to have a book out! I wish you the best of luck!


I'm really happy for you, Rochefort! You gonna do a retrospective on the publishing experience? I'd love to read your thoughts on the process.

Great to see. The book is definitely up to publishing standards.

Congratulations! It always feels good to get the long adventure of editing done and now you get to reap the rewards for your effort ;)

Patrick! :D Congratulations! Looking forward to what's next on your list; will For Spring's Storms be a serial as well (I mean, I'm assuming, but I thought I'd double-check)?

That is the plan, Tartra. Chances are good though that it will have a "when the section is ready" schedule instead of a fixed one, though. Honestly, after the sheer amount of rewrites that went in to making the novel up to novel publishing standards, I'm kind of embarassed with how much typos made it into the serial format.

I *think* (but have not firmly decided or confirmed) that Keith and I will treat book two with more careful polish, and take longer on each section to ensure that polish.

Congrats Patrick! Hope the sales are going well!