Full Circle

Back in my first thread I mentioned that I was unsure of whether or not I would want to serialize my writing, and stick to a schedule. Since then I've basically done what was advised, apart from the not posting, I kinda wrote a backlog. I was waiting to submit my serial, because I guess I still wasn't sure. I've gotten something like twenty thousand words plus done in the last month and a half, which is still weird considering how slow I'd been in the past. Not that I attribute it all to the serialization, I got way more than that done in the two months prior.

But in the end I've come full circle and decided on doing what I originally talked about, and just writing the thing away from the eyes of others. The decision was made in no small part because life has really begun to intervene (this from the guy who didn't slow down after a week in the hospital). There's school and house-work to be done, and somewhat urgently at that.

Ultimately I realized that this isn't what I ought to be doing right now. You guys are awesome, but at this time in my life I need to focus more intently on spiritual and intellectual growth, not my fiction. So thank you all, for how amazing your dedication to your craft is, and all of the experience that you accidentally or intentionally share in your posts.

This has been Shaeor, sixteen year old person, and future pres'dent of the SSA, the Southern States of America. :P

I think it's polite to say goodbye when one disappears. Dirge is now offline, sorry to anyone at all interested.

Well, hey, congrats on the 20,000 words at least! And all the best getting the growth you need. The writing, personal or otherwise, can still be there if you cycle back again in the future. Peace.

Don't write off writing quite yet. If you feel you need to go do other things and mature, go for it... I did several times. Hell, I'm over thirty and only now starting to really feel like I'm coming into my own as a writer.

I recommend this video for anyone who feels like they're having trouble with stuff like this.


It has a part 2 that's worth watching as well. Honestly, the whole channel's worth enjoying if you want to feel those deep, deep thoughts of personal and intellectual growth. But this one's the most applicable to you.

Sometimes life just gets in the way. I had to take a month hiatus from writing because I was just overwhelmed with everything that happened in the past 4 months for me. Writing will always be there so there's no need to rush it. Take all the time you need and focus on the things that are important. You'll get back into writing later. Hell, when I was sixteen I swore I was going to be published by twenty. I'm twenty-eight and just now published my first short story. There is plenty of time for you to work on being an author.

I'm sorry to hear that you won't be continuing for now, but I agree with the others. There's nothing wrong with putting a project on hold (or even just plain quitting, tbh). Personally, I think you have a mature voice for your age and I enjoyed what you posted of Dirge. If you ever decide to resume, please drop us a line.

I hope you have good luck in whatever you do! Most of all, have fun.^-^

I would just like to, for the record, state that Dirge is ongoing again, with eight chapters posted and twice that many written. I'll be writing the second arc soon. I should be listed on WFG eventually, and am regularly updating weekly. Considering biweekly, or longer posts, (2k+, currently).

Line dropped*

So you changed your mind?

I find posting chapters online is very motivating to write faster than I normally would.

It wasn't so much a change of mind as of circumstance.