Funny/Embarrassing Tpyoes?

Have you ever posted a chapter or excerpt of your writing, and then realized too late that there was a glaringly obvious typo in it? What's your funniest example?

For me, it was a part of Juryokine. It was supposed to say "Toke reached out with his powers." Instead, it said, "Toke reached out with his parents." :P

I once forget the 'r' in throng.

I wrote "Fey noticed her brain was off-centre" and none of my readers pointed it out for an entire month until I noticed and fixed it. (It was supposed to be "braid", but I guess my MC is just so crazy, they were like, "'Brain' totally works in that sentence")

I can't think of any stand-out blunders from my serial, but until a few years ago, I was one of those people who confused "pedestal" for "pedastool." Oops.

I don't know about "glaringly obvious", but there's been two that were caught by readers which gave me (and them) a chuckle.

-"We have our own future diving rod". *Should've been "divining rod", though had me picture Chartreuse in a swimsuit.

-"She still hit the ground rather hard. But not tree truck hard." *Yeah, Alijda had missed hitting a tree trunk. Reader saw a truck made from trees.

I'm not sure if it counts as a typo, but I once had one of my characters use the phrase "under the radar"

Not that bad in itself, but my story is set in 16th Century Renaissance Italy...oops