Gadget to allow text download

Hi, I've just started a very (very) lighthearted fictional blog called Pure Fiction. I'm trying to incorporate elements of the internet into the blog, as well as any comments that are left on the site, while Pure Fiction, a novice blogger like myself, explores the web.

I'm giving myself about 100,000 words to tell Pure Fiction's story, which means that the blog should run for six to eight months.

I wanted to post the story so far up at the top of the blog in a downloadable format, but I have no idea how to do it.

I'm also happy to review anyone elses work, but preferably not science fiction because it's something I don't read myself.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions.

firstly, which platform are you using? and secondly can i assume you will save the file as .pdf?

if you're on blogger, here's and article from HELP FORUMS... if you're not, someone else should assist you ;)

good luck :)

Hi NiSp,

Thanks for your help - I am on blogger (until this morning I didn't know what a platform was), and I've checked out the info on the help forum you pointed me to, so I should be able to work out how to go ahead with posting a link.

Thanks again


oh i use the term platform in a very loose, it-could-fall-on-yr-head-any-minute kinda way, and any geek out there is welcome to correct my terminology at any point. not that i'd listen much, because to this layman's soul and in this context, the idea of each of us standing on drifting platforms in a (fill in the blank void) makes visual sense to me.

glad to help and good luck :)