Gavin/To See The Stars As God

Gavin, I just saw your review for To See The Stars As God and I'm not seeing the problem you are. When you click the "start reading now" link on the webfictionguide story page you go here:

Which is the first chapter of the story. It might have been a connection problem on your end.

Wow, I was just about to make a topic post for this and saw yours. lol

Yeah, I see it too.

I'm using IE 8, so maybe that's effecting my experience, but all I see is "page not found". I loaded it up in Firefox 6 and it shows just fine. Obviously there's some browser issue here that needs to be corrected. The least that can be done is a warning put up saying that certain browsers don't work properly if it's not fixed.

Yep, looking at the source code there's an incorrect comment closing tag "--!>" instead of "-->" on line 52 which, obviously, Firefox corrects but IE doesn't.

Safari must correct it as well, then.

Hopefully the author sees this and will fix the error.

Thanks for letting me know, and yeah I'm using Internet Explorer. I'll get rid of my review since it was mainly to call attention to the problem.