Gavin Williams' Review of Sheryl Holmes

His review, while mostly in the negative, was fairly constructive, and has given birth to new ideas.

So thanks, Gavin.

In general with reviews I tend to strive to be very objective about content, because in the past when I veer more towards humour or a "style" I tend to get into trouble. Here is one example where I tried to be funny and I basically ranted about what I didn't like about a story (because Sherlock Holmes is pretty close to sacred for me) and also saw the potential in the writer's style for something far more awesome than what they had written.

And the writer actually agreed that I might be right!

It was risky on my part, and I'm glad that it was received very graciously and that we've corresponded through the story's comments section and etc. -- I think that's the best that a reviewer can hope for, that their observations be weighed with a grain of salt and the truth distilled in a helpful way.

I think it speaks to what WFG can do as a community, so I asked E.H. Lau to drop by our forum because I appreciated their willingness to be open and that they saw I try to be helpful, in my goofball way.

I'm looking forward to Lau's upcoming revised chapters, because I suspect I'll be able to rate them high and I'm excited by the possibility.