Getting a logo on topwebfiction

I was wondering how the stories on topwebfiction with colorful logos get them. Is it just a matter of submitting a logo, or do you need to be in the top 10 when the request is made or something?

This thread discusses the process:

You'll have to be in the Top 15 for it to appear, but I believe you can submit a logo to Chris at any time. Your voters will be able to see your banner on the "voting confirmation" page.

Thanks for that. It's not actually for my writing, I was offering a suggestion to someone else and then thought I should check out the details.

I really need to get a banner made.

So many fussy little details to manage. I know everyone relates.

I'm not really complaining because all of this is a lot of fun too, but I had no real idea how much back end work is involved with writing a web serial!

I respect every single person on the TWF list for keeping up with all the new things to learn.