Getting inspired?

On those days that you just don't feel like writing, what's your method of inspiring yourself?

Write. If you're stuck, just write until you're unstuck. I think of writing, especially writing web serials, a lot like playing jazz. A lot of it might be decent improvisation, but if you keep going, you're bound to find a musical phrase or a chord progression that's worth building upon, and something great can grow from there.

Also, the pressure of writing to a schedule and an audience keeps me up at night.

But I know what you mean.

Go outside, take a walk, get a fresh perspective on things while keeping whatever it is you're writing in the back of your head. Chances are, your best ideas will come while you're away from the computer, or the notebook.

Agreed, I can read all the inspiring material there is or watch inspiring shows, etc, but nothing is going to get the words flowing than just sitting down and writing. Doesn't always work out, but getting the momentum going is the best way to bust through the block.

Sometimes, though, if I'm stuck, it does help to walk away and do something else, then come back. Usually something away from the computer, so I don't get caught up binge watching YouTube and waste the rest of the day. :P

A. E. Houseman (a poet) would supposedly drink a beer and go for a walk and work out the poem in his head.

I can't say that I've ever done that personally, but my attitude is basically the same toward writing as it is toward web development or problem solving in general... I sit down and start trying things. Eventually one of my ideas works.

Usually if I don't feel like writing, it's time for a break. I walk away and come back to it later. I can't do the general advice of, "just keep writing and push through it." When my brain says it's had enough, it's had enough.

Continuously plugging away at something really ends up wasting my time. Nothing like forcing myself to write to end up with an entire chapter of crap so it can be deleted because I hate it so much. I like my non-pressure approach to writing. I know I'm going to write so I just need to do something else to keep my mind occupied. And it's not so much that I'm doing this for inspiration. I don't believe in inspiration like the majority of people do. It something I don't go looking for or try to cultivate. Most of the time, when I don't feel like writing, I need to get rid of my mind clutter.

Mind clutter keeps me from being able to write. And sometimes the that activity to get rid of it is reading. Sometimes it's just leaving my house or spending a few days not writing. Or maybe I just need to binge watch tornado videos on YouTube. Exercise is good too. But mostly, I just need to get my butt away from my computer.

As far as inspiration, I can second the effects of alcohol, but mostly it's about being relaxed and open to the weird places your mind goes. Like all those odd questions that pop into your head out of nowhere. For instance, why hasn't anyone come up with a combined sports and energy drink. Monster Gatorade or something.

Re: videos on youtube, lots of people find ocean waves or storms relaxing. I go for some ASMR stuff myself, usually something involving scraping or crinkling. Whatever floats your boat.

What I think is more important is forcing yourself to do the actual typing when you don't feel like it. In that case, I find it helpful to determine what the main points are you intend to cover in the post or whatever and make sure you get the basics down for all of them. Skip around, if needed. Once you've hammered out the stuff that needs to be covered, it's easier to let your mind build stuff up around that and figure out what you want or need to add in-between for more flavor. Or what you need to add to those basic points. Either way works.

I'd agree with Psycho Gecko on this.

The first thing that helps me come up with ideas is to simply sit down and write, but the strong second thing is going out and walking the dog, taking a shower, or generally doing something that allows my mind to wander, allowing me to put ideas together. Then when I do sit down to write, I know where I'm going. I don't know that that counts as inspiration, but knowing where I'm going always helps motivate me to write. It's when I don't know that I'm unmotivated.

For what it's worth, I've read that Earnest Hemingway would generally stop writing when he still knew what was coming next. I find that helps me as well.

I get inspiration from music. Usually epic music playlists on youtube, occasionally other genres depending on the character / situation. When Dancer was involved, I switched to vocal trance.