Getting Opinions

So, the web serial I'm working on has a scheduled 200 daily 250-word episodes, with an optional season 2 if the readers want it. The only problem is: how do I know if they want it? I know people don't comment, but do polls work? Or should I go by reviews? I seriously have no idea on how to get readers to tell what they think, and I want to plan on a season 2 a few weeks before the first season ends, but I won't know what people want if they don't tell me.

Well, I enjoy reading your writing, so I definitely want more :-). But to answer your question, I don't know if polls work in the context of web serials but I have found them to work pretty well in general. I started up a blog as sort of a fan site for a tv show, it was an experiment (for what's not important at the moment) but I did find that polls worked really well, and got a much larger response then just plain posts. People might not comment but they always voted on the polls.

Personally, I'd bet that people reading the story would love a second season by virtue of the fact that they're reading it at all. That said, people do respond to polls. You'll likely get more of a response than you do comments (and may get more comments in the long run if you do polls).

If you've got clear interest from people in terms of web hits and you're enjoying writing it, then go for it, I'd say. If you're finding the daily schedule a little overpowering to continue without encouragement, you could always scale it down (take the weekends off or something). It'd still be a very impressive schedule to keep.

Speaking personally, this is one thing I do like about the Jukepop voting system - it does provide a way for people to say "I approve" without having to actually write a comment.

I already am taking the weekends for making sure I have the next weeks episodes done, but I kinda like writing short daily episodes;

I feel like it gives more freedom to write when I want, as strange as that sounds.