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What is the best practice for promoting a new serialized novel? I have submitted my story for review here, and I post my new posts, episodes as I am calling them, to Facebook. What other ways have people been using to get traffic that tends to be successful?

My Story Is at the site below, and any suggestions on it are welcome. There are some amazing writers here, I would value any comments and am willing to make changes to better my writing style.

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Royal Road certainly has a very high visibility - which is one of the top suggestions made by ClearMadness. I enjoy this crowd here because I get to see more data due to hits on the WordPress instead. Royal Road requires you host a version of the stories over there.

Not to beat a dead horse, but like other writers said in my thread that was linked, and as I have discovered, some of the best promotion is to write like hell.

If people like your content and you keep it coming, word of mouth will spread.

I personally have tried actively promoting in a few places, but based on my results so far, there isn't a clear ROI. The only thing I can absolutely be certain of is that I pick up more readers when I write more.

Thanks for the advice, and I will take it to heart. I am in the cue to get listed on this site, and writing as much as I can. That's all I am going to do for now, within the next month I would like to have enough to start posting 2 episodes a week. Right now I would burn through my writing too fast doing 2 a week. Thanks everyone for the help getting started, it is awesome having a place to turn that has tons of experience to offer.

Another thing you might want to consider is to just contribute to this very community.

Read other people's stuff, comment on it, make acquaintances, write reviews on here (honest and fair reviews that are helpful to prospective readers), get to know other authors and their work. Participate in the little seasonal events some people host on here some times, like the April Fool's swap. It's helpful and interesting in a lot of ways, but it also has the side effect that people will be curious about your work from seeing you here.

I got a bump in readership a few months ago beccause I wrote a couple of generally well-received reviews of serials that I had been reading at the time. (Sadly I do not have as much time to do so again.) I'm currently getting a pretty sizable bump in views and readers because I participated in a guest posting opportunity provided by a fellow author on this board. I didn't come here just to advertise anything. I read this forum because I find it interesting to see a perspective different from my personal bubble. But being sociable just helps a lot in general, I've found.

Seeing as I can't find that other thread where we talked about Royal Road...

I'm super happy I decided to post Anathema there. Not many followers yet, but now that I'm almost done posting the first five arcs, the follower numbers are increasing quite rapidly. I posted there hoping for more comments, and well, that didn't really happen. BUT I'm getting way more glowing ratings and reviews than I ever did on WFG, and I've gotten something like 5000 views total in just a few weeks. Someone called me their favorite author after Wildbow :O

Anyway, I recommend RRL to anyone looking for some extra exposure! Once you figure out how to auto-convert HTML to BBcode, the formatting is a matter of 15 seconds.

Hm. I may want to look into RRL, then. How DO you auto-convert HTML to BBcode?

First copy your chapter from Word to here... and 'clean HTML'

Then copy the cleaned HTML here and post the result on RRL.

@Chrysalis, if you're looking for more feedback on RRL, be sure to explicitly as for it in an author's note. Readers there often just read and leave or comment with "thx for the chapter", but if you remind them that feedback gives you the mental energy to write faster (*cough* extortion *cough*), you'd be surprised at how many reviews and comments you get.

Well... one person mentioned he was too busy binge reading and couldn't stop to leave a review XD so I guess the silence is a good sign?

Where's the best place to leave an author's note?

Try getting onto podcasts or getting guest writing spots. Just today I finished doing a small podcast. If you want to go check it out, go here:

Also, Billy Higgins did an article for Cracked. I don't know how many hits it got him for his web serial. If you want to see the the story he wrote, its right here:

@Chrysalis, I generally leave author's notes at the beginning of chapters and bold them so that it's really easy to skip to the actual beginning of the chapter. It's kind of become part of my fiction's style to have long, rambling author's notes that beg for comments and reviews. I do a lot of weird things in Fantasia, ehehe.

Alternatively, you can leave author's notes at the end of a chapter, where asking for a comment or a review makes more sense. Other authors also post individual chapters that are just titled "Author's Note" or have a single thread titled "Announcements" where all new posts go.

Lol, thanks for the promo T4nky! Writing for Cracked was a very rewarding experience, and it did lead to a lot of people clicking the link to my serial. But the reader retention was much better when I guest blogged on Drew's site. I think I might do a stats thread about this, actually. I think I'm sitting on a lot of weird/interesting referral data.

Hey unice5656, what's the minimum length for posting on RRL? I'm considering but I fear that my meagre word count would be received negatively.

There is no minimum post requirement to RRL. People do stuff all over the board. I think there was one on there where the person posted their entire book in one thread, and many which are only a few chapters.

@BillyHiggins Not a problem. It was actually pretty good from what I remember. By the way, how do you contribute to Cracked? Do you also get paid for contributions?

@T4nky: They've got a page about it here: I did it years ago, but if memory serves you just have to set up an account on their forum, read the rules on the page I just linked to and the "All of Your Questions Answered Here" subform, then have at it.

The pay's nice, but it's not a great work/pay ratio. IMO, the best way to make money on Cracked is to write an article for them, then add it to your resume. I've heard a story or two about people getting jobs in part because Cracked was on their resume. I know I felt more confident applying for my current writing job because of the Cracked thing.

It's also just great training for a writer. The constant rejection hardens you, lol.


As FrustratedEgo wrote, there are no word count/character requirements for chapters on RRL. However, one of the main ways to attract new viewers is to get on the Latest Updates list, which occurs whenever you post a new chapter. It's really easy to get lost in the sheer quantity of stuff posted, so don't expect to get a lot of readers without having a decent amount of content to post. Still, there's no harm in slowly building up a readership there.