Gift of Light: new web serial started today

I've started a new serialized novel today! Gift of Light chapter 1, part 1 is now online. Part 2 will be posted on Wednesday, with new updates (of around 3K words) weekly on Sundays. I'll submit the new story to WFG once two updates have been posted.

If anyone would like to review it, I'd appreciate that very much! I'll provide the full ebook to any would-be reviewers, just please don't post any big spoilers in your review as the web serial has only just started. ;)

Anyway, I'm glad and excited to be doing this again - this time without having to worry about getting the new content ready on time. I have the whole thing already written and edited. Sure, flying by the seat of my pants was great for a while and I'm glad I did it - for 3 years and around 700K words total - but in the future I'd like to be doing things differently. My writing just happens to benefit SO MUCH from having time for edits. :p

Now let's see if I can get a few comments again. I really missed those...

I would actually love to review your book, I checked out the blurb for Gift of Light and couldn't help but bite at the chance.

Awesome, email to anathemaserial[at] so I can send you the book file. Let me know if you'd prefer mobi or epub. <3