Glitch in the stars

Oh, I just remembered something that doesn't often come up so I forget about it -- when I'm reviewing and giving a star rating, the line moves when I try to click 2.5 stars, so I can't click it. I have to choose 2 or 3, and sometimes I dither about it. Does anyone else have a similar graphic problem or is it just me?

And how can it be fixed?

Just tried it here and couldn't duplicate the problem. Can you send me a screenshot of what it looks like when it happens?

Yeah, I can't get it to sit still enough to do that. Here's what happens step by step:

Three stars has the words "worth a look" beside it and two stars says "a tough slog" but if I try to go to 2.5 the words "almost worth a look" wrap around to create a new line under the rest of the rating line, and that for some reason moves the whole thing this, it drops a line. If I move my cursor back to 2 or 3, it pops back up where it's supposed to be, and if I right click to try to save the image, it pops back to 3 because that's the setting it's on. I can't select 2.5 and "solidify" it as an option because of the way it drops down a line, if I try to get the cursor down to it then it just pops back up to 3 and vanishes the line-dropped 2.5.

I hope that made sense. I don't know if it's just my computer (I'm using Internet explorer) but the length of the phrase "almost worth a look" drops everything down.

Thanks Chris that totally worked -- I'm glad I checked because it's a lot easier to have just a format change thing on my computer than a weird glitch on the site -- so all is well.