God Damned Internet (pardon my language)

I just found out that my internet is being limited starting next month. What's that mean? No Netflix, PSN, App updates, shopping on amazon, or anything else that I need internet for. That also means that I have to start rationing my internet usage so that I can post my updates to my next serial (click below for why that's a problem), since my phone can't seem to show Wordpress right. The worst part: my stepfather/the dick I live with uses the internet ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Why don't I move out, you might ask? Because it is literally impossible for me to get a job (I'm being serious, my friend basically gets whatever he wants from everybody, including his boss, and he couldn't get me a job), and it is not yet legal for me to leave.

Fucking businesses.

My sympathies. Limited internet is a nightmare.

To avoid the worst case scenario where your internet runs out partway through the month, you may want to consider maintaining a strict backlog and visiting the nearest public library if necessary to get batches of chapters up. Most will have internet access.

What's your word-count per chapter?

Gah, that sucks. Like Wildbow said, though, public libraries are a good resource if you run out of usage through the month. Get a thumb drive, put your stuff on it, and transfer it over...

Ok, my friend says the Subway has wifi. Also, public libraries are good.

At 250 words per chapter one chapter per day I will need to awkwardly stand outside for around 20 minutes per week.

I'm very sorry to hear it, but glad that people have had some good suggestions for handling the problem. I'm more sorry to hear about the problems with your stepfather; I know one of the things that kept me going while living with my horrible parents was the fact that one day I wouldn't have to, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that your day of exodus comes soon.


Super: Sci-fi/Suspense/Adventure, with Superheroes

What kind of phone are you using? Is it displaying the mobile version of WP?

iPhone 5. It displays the ui fine, but I can't see the titles, so if I forget the order, then I can't do it manually.

are you... writing on the phone? thats gotta be awkward.

You could email it to a friend you trust with your site details...

Edit: Can iOS set up wireless networks? I can piggy back off my Android internet with my laptop using the hot-spot function.