Going on hiatus: Wanna get pimped?

Hey there! I just finished the third book of the History, which means now I get to go back to the beginning and start writing the whole thing all over again with my editor. While I'm doing this, I'm going to be posting shorts, and some old serial fanfic so that the readers don't get completely stir-crazy. (I can't believe I'm posting the fanfic, but there was a request.)

One thing I did last time I took a break (break, she says--ha), was to ask if anyone wanted to write some sillyfic. I'm asking that again now. In exchange I will pimp the hell out of you. Wysteria did it last year, and I'm STILL sending people to her from that story. The story was completely awesome, which didn't hurt.

If you're interested, send me email, meilin at my domain.

Sillyfic? What kind/counts?

I could possibly knock something out if I can wrap my brain around an idea during the week -- for sure. I mean, I do have some stuff laying in wait as well ...

What kind: Sillyfic that involves History characters, preferably. If you write a sillyfic for the site, I offer you a place, too, for a synopsis of and link to your own work.

I ESPECIALLY encourage Digital Novelist members to do this.

I actually had an idea for one of these. Given my writing speed, however, I'll be happy if I have time to write it before your next hiatus...