Good Title?

I'm editing my way through my latest book, but I can't decide if the title I have for it is any good or not. It's going to be an action/adventure urban fantasy with a lot of comedy, aimed at middle graders and young adults. Think Ash Vs Evil Dead for a younger audience. The title I'm using now is "Henry Rider: Clown Hunter." What do you guys think, good or bad? I've had more than one person tell me they "can't take the title seriously", but I feel like that kind of works in its favor, you know?

I dunno that title seems a little too serious if you ask me. Why so serious?

I guess it's okay. I'll probably take it just as seriously as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

My hope is that it'll pique people's interest enough to make them wonder what exactly a clown hunter does and pick the book up. Alternatively, since it's a teen/YA book, I could go for the overly long quirky title, like "Henry Rider and the Interdimensional Clown Monsters" or something.

I kinda like the long quirky choice, and might even push the title even more if you really want a knee-jerk reaction pickup. Something overly extreme like "Henry Rider is making sure that All Clowns Must Die", "Murder Clowns vs. the Victorious Henry Rider", "The Final Hunt of the Clowns: Henry Rider's Last Laughs" or maybe even meme-ish with "Henry Rider is Not Down with the Clown."

Is it going to be a series? I'd totally pun on the name.

Henry Rider : Enter the Clown Car

Henry Rider : The Clowns' Ride again

Henry Rider : Final Destination