Goodbye, September. You won't be missed.

Thanks for those of you who added words of encouragement to my "one of those months..." thread. I managed to work through the irrational self-hatred and finally got Issue 29 posted. I'm not happy with it, but I'm happy it's behind me. :)

Anyway. Onward to October!

Way to persevere. Producing a post you're not happy about is totally worth it if it gets you to a post that you are happy about. Better than stalling. Been there. Happy October!

At last, a time when this reference works!

I'd have posted the music video itself, but it started with a couple kissing. I bet they break up or something, but I've been developing a hatred of other peoples' happiness. At some point, I'm basically going to become Ted from Scrubs, complete with throwing rocks at elderly couples, because why should they get to be happy?

But that'll have to be another month, since we have just entered the most wonderful time of the year.

This is Halloween!

Man, screw September, he's not your real Dad!

Also Ted was awesome. He found his own joy (well, kind of), with his acapella band.

Well, I'M happy with it. (Curveball, not September. September needs to stay in its foul grave where it lay, and let the worms eat it. Im standing over the corpse with a shotgun ready in case of a first moment of revivification.