Goodreads Recommendations

Since Wildbow's Pact is on my bookshelf, Goodreads occasionally recommends books that it thinks are similar to Pact. Among these books have been Tom Holt's Barking (a comedic monster tale -- a little off, but not so bad) Robert Stanek's Keeper Martin's Tale (a self-published epic fantasy, written by a guy who apparently lied about getting on the NYT Bestseller list) and The Prose Eddas (???).

I found that a little funny, and was wondering if anyone else put web serials on their Goodreads lists. If so, has Goodreads given you any weird recommendations?

I'm not on Goodreads. Is it something I should be on? I did look at Worm in the non-login version. It recommends a book about "naturalistic metaethics" and several sci-fi books. Three Worlds Collide (the one about naturalistic metaethics) seems like it would count as a weird recommendation.

I've been on GoodReads for all of five minutes. I'd need to learn to like it as a reader before I can tap into as a writer.

Goodreads isn't really something you need to be on. I just like it for the community. It's also fun to look back on a year's worth of books and be like, "I guess I wanted to read about improv," or whatever weird reading rabbit hole I ended up falling into.

That said, Goodreads might be good for authors who are selling physical books, since they constantly do book giveaways to celebrate launches, and that can get you some reviews.

Tartra, I'm NOT going to make a "tap that" joke, because I'm slowly-but-surely learning to become a respectable human being.

In terms of a respectable human being, Billy, you've definitely hit that.

Goodreads looks like another massive timesink. Personally, I'd rather spend that time writing. :(

I didn't even know I had a goodreads page until the later part of 2014. Threw me a bit.

I started putting my books on there simply out of necessity. When others would add them, they would mis-attribute it to the other Drew Hayes, the one who wrote Poison Elves. And while I have nothing against the man, I did at least want to be able to claim credit for my own works. It's a place I probably should spent more time given the community, but as Chysalis said above, I'd rather spend the time writing.

I was pleasantly surprised to find my ebooks already on Goodreads. It's fun, if somewhat sprawling and overwhelming. I don't have the kind of time it would take to truly make the most of it for self-promo purposes. That made me sad for a while.

Then Amazon bought Goodreads. Now I'm waiting to see what they do to it, and how useful it is going to remain. :(

Magelife was put on automagically once I published. I set up my author page and that is that. Its just another place to obsess over, they have stats too.

Oh god, Tempest. Don't tell me that.


Off to go obsess.

I knew there was a group for web serials on Goodreads, but I didn't know you could actually put web serials on your shelf. I might really have to look into that.