Got a Fantasy book to submit to the SPFBO 2019?

Two years ago I promised to spread the word about the yearly SPFBO competition so more web serialists get the chance to take part. This is a really, really big competition (300 books, 10 blogs, Mark Lawrence himself) and a huge chance for the less well-known Fantasy writers among us to get publicity and reviews. However, the SPOTS GO QUICKLY. There is a limit of 300 contestants and the first 227 slots were filled within 24 hours. If you want to get in, get in now and read the blog post about the competition and the rules:

Remember, Fantasy books only. They have to be self-published. Superheroes and UF count as Fantasy.

Note: only ebooks can be submitted, but a web serial that was converted to an ebook works - as long as the book was actually published and is for sale in online stores.

I made a boo-boo... the contest is the 2018 one, not 2019. *facepalm*

I've seen one familiar name on the list of contest entries: Stephan Morse! Good luck, you! :)

Gift of Light was assigned to the Bookworm Blues blog and the blogger seems nice. I'm just as excited about the SPFBO as I was in 2016... seriously, this is a HUGE DEAL for potential publicity, so some of you should sign up next year. I remember one of the almost-finalists who went from selling dozens of books to tens of thousands. Yes, really. Mark Lawrence himself reviewed his book.