Got five minutes? Tell me how my site looks!

I'd appreciate feedback on my site ( ) - in terms of how good it looks, if it's user-friendly, etc.

I've been refining the current design for a while, but I'm not sure if I need to start from scratch.

So starting with the front page ( ), I've got the carousel of the latest chapters, along with banners/first-chapter links to each of the novels.

Each book (example - ) also has a page like this, with a blurb, and a link to their chapter list and buy links (if active).

Within each category page (example - ) there's a full chapter list.

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions?

"...but I'm not sure if I need to start from scratch."


I don't think you need to start from scratch. Well-designed, clean, and uncluttered. User-friendly, check. It has all the buttons it needs and not a bunch that it doesn't. No problem whatsoever navigating. Individual book cover designs play nicely with the site design. My only complaint is that I was hoping to offer some constructive criticism and be all helpful and stuff, and I... got nothing. ;)

My honest opinion is that it looks pretty good.

I grok it.

Hi, Stormy. I think it looks good; it has a simple design and things are easy to find. You might want to move the works showcase to the top and push the feed of latest posts to the end, since new visitors might click an advanced chapter of a novel and not bother to go look for the first one.

Aside from that, it's looking good so far!

I'll simply echo what the others are saying... clear menu at the top, separate pages, clear links. Well done. Also, I'm impressed by the body of work.

@LEErickson - Thanks. :) I tried to lay it out as logically as I could, and as I said, I've been refining the design.

@Blaise - Thanks!

@aclouis - I wanted to have the "latest" feed at the top, for the convenience of existing readers...most new people shouldn't click onto a random chapter of a book they've never read, right?

@mathtans - Thanks! I had originally gotten up to book five in my original run...before I stopped and started a rewrite so I could release the ebook copies, so although we've had a delay in forward progress (so to speak), I think it's resulted in better books. :)

The only changes I would recommend would be very minor cosmetics:

1) A slightly larger font size for the links and synopsis

2) A slightly darker font for the "Require: Cookie" title in the title image at the top to give it a bit more contrast.

Overall the design is clean and uncluttered, and I didn't have to puzzle out how to find my way into any sections of your site. Oh, and you didn't select colors or fonts that make human eyes bleed, double bonus points for that after a few sites I looked at last week!

Thanks, Oniwasabi!

I did think the synopsis was a bit small, but wanted to get feedback before changing it - and I plan on redoing the header (which will include giving it more contrast :) ).

I really like your site. Usually I'm anti-ad, but the banner ad on the right side is really unobtrusive.

Honestly you've got a really interesting thing going on. How many years have you been at this? (I'm guessing it's before 2012, since you started on a different site.)

The ad is a recent addition, I'm pretty anti-ad, but this didn't seem to intrude that much (and I think keeping it off the front page helps with that).

And...I started at the end of 2007. >_> That's...a very long time, now that I think about it.

Stormy was here at the beginning of Web Fiction Guide, and her serial predates it just like mine does.In fact, she even reviewed it back in 2007 on Pages Unbound, the directory that caused Chris to decide to create WFG.

Ah, Pages Unbound...I miss that time of my life, when I actually had time to review other serials. :P