Group Project Wonderful Ad

This is an idea I've played with for a while - would anyone be interested in being part of a group Project Wonderful ad?

To explain: Project Wonderful is a self-serve ad platform (a lot of you already use it on your sites/advertise through it). We could create a WebFicAuthors account, and then we all use the same adbox - meaning the same ad is served out over multiple serial sites - this increases the number of hits, and therefore the value of the adbox - and we could funnel the profits straight back to WFG, to support all the good it does for the community. :)

We'd have to discuss adbox size, etc - but comment if you're interested.

Wouldn't be neat. I'm down.

The main reason I'm not jumping on this is because I don't know anything about ad platforms. Well, and I suppose I'm also concerned that my views are under 15 on any normal day, so if ad loading causes any slowdowns... let's say one regular person leaving would be pretty noticeable on my end. (In fact, I think it already happened two weeks ago.) I'll keep it in mind down the road, maybe? Definitely not against supporting WFG.

Gosh talk about a horrible typo. I meant, "That would be neat" *sigh*

I could be interested. I'd need to do some reading up on how Project Wonderful works, but I might be game.