Guardians of the Galaxy

Yay! I saw the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy and I can't help but rewatch it. They've changed some things, obviously, and now it looks like the Nova Corps is going to look nowhere near as awesome (and they're strangely human, for some reason). They changed up Drax's skin color a bit, but I can't tell yet if they changed his species. I hear they also changed his nemesis from Thanos to Ronan the Accuser, who now works for Thanos for some reason. Like that means anything to y'all.

But they kept the main group I was hoping to see. Star-Lord doesn't have his helmet in the trailer, unfortunately, as it seems to be more focused on introducing the characters than anything else. Not the worst idea since hardly anyone knows who they are. Much of the gang is here. There's Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot. What a bunch of a-holes.

Now there's a sexy space story for y'all. Earth's not the center of the Marvel universe, you know.

I love the dude thats playing Star Lord, so thats a plus. To be honest, I have NO CLUE who thses people are, but the trailer looks awesome. Also, I take it the soldiers are the Nova Corps you mention? Is it just me or does the uniform look very recent superman cartoon show Brainiac?

Words cannot describe my excitement for this movie. A-holes in space are basically what I live for.

The guys with the three connected circles on their chests are the Nova Corps, and that part of the uniform is correct. They're Marvel's ripoff of the Green Lanterns but with gravity-based powers that get shared between every one of them, so there is a canonical reason why the Law of Conservation of Ninjutsu is in effect. They get slaughtered in droves, but only one of them having the power of the entire Nova Force is one of the most powerful mortal beings in the universe.

I whine about the uniforms because in the comics they look more like this, with some slight variation:

And then in the movies they look more like John C. Reilly wearing green.

Gamora is played by Zoe Saldana, aka the love interest from Avatar. Drax is played by Batista, a wrestler who also played Brass Body in The Man with the Iron Fists. Bradley Cooper voices Rocket Raccoon, and the voice of Groot is provided by Vin Diesel.

It's a gun toting raccoon! And for the life of me Star-Lord strikes me as a live action Futurama Fry for some reason.

They aren't taking this movie too seriously and it shall be glorious! Also: gun raccoon. I can't stress that enough. I know full well that he's actually something from the comics, and that is completely meaningless to me, because he's now in a movie while DC it still figuring out what to do with Wonder Woman and Flash.

Syphax, I'm reading that comment a lot lately. Usually, it's something about how DC doesn't think people can handle Wonder Woman, while Marvel is putting a talking raccoon in a movie.

What will stick with me the most is him fighting Gladiator during the War of Kings event. For reference, Gladiatior is a purple alien with a purple Mohawk, sworn to protect and serve the emperor of this one major spacefaring power. He's got the powers of Superman, but they're all mental in nature. That's why he can lift an entire building without it falling apart: it's a form of telekinesis. Thing is, they also depend on his confidence in his abilities. If he doubted for a moment that he could lift an entire building in one piece, he wouldn't be able to.

Rocket Raccoon, with the help of a powerful psychic, attacked him and held him at bay with a broom.

As for the Flash, though, I think they could do it, but it'd have to be like any time the Joker faces Batman: the villains are so much more fun. They couldn't take it seriously, though. Not with Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang on the same team.

Marvel's strength is knowing what has worked for them. They make fun movies with humour, with Iron Man setting the tone. They also seem to pick directors that "get" what the characters are about. Then they add in adventure spectacle, using special effects to highlight superpowers.

The franchise for Guardians isn't well known but it provides a vehicle for funny, adventurous spectacle - a talking raccoon, space, ships, aliens... It suits the dynamic. Ang Lee's Hulk didn't grasp the fun of comics, he tried to psychologize the story. Ed Norton did better, highlighting the power and strength, but it wasn't til Avengers that anyone realized the possibility of anger AND humour. Marvel has learned by experimenting. Daredevil had moments of idiocy and greatness, same with Ghost Rider. Spiderman was strong until the third movie, but they had too high expectations and picked the wrong villain. Come on, Sandman? He isn't even in Spidey's top ten.

DC on the other hand has been more conservative. Batman Begins set the tone - gritty, realistic, serious, with light moments of humour from Alfred to keep it from total darkness. Man of Steel followed that template while adding in spectacular effects and fights, without becoming a cartoon. Green Lantern, however, was a total cartoon and rushed from origin to defeating Parallax and saving the galaxy, which should have been a three movie arc - Earthly origin and power exploration, intro to the Corps, then epic heroism. They didn't fit the same universe tone as Batman and they didn't grasp the character.

Batman's success means they expect too much, so they don't take risks. Marvel made room to fail and succeed.

It requires someone with vision to take goofy Flash characters and some of the sillier Batman villains and make them seem realistic - and so the tone they chose actually hamstrings them from being creative. Marvel's dynamic is looser and more free.

The Flash's Rogues are considered unambitious by villain standards, but they regularly take on the Flash and get away with it. He can't even keep them in prison.

They have shown themselves to be extremely powerful as well. Heat Wave has used flamethrower pistols to burn the Flash, a speedster with resistance to heat and friction. Heat Wave even managed to burn a Black Lantern. Normally you need two different colored Lanterns to defeat a single Black Lantern. Captain Cold is the only person capable of freezing anything to Absolute Zero, a feat even Victor Frieze can't accomplish. Mirror Master can do anything with any mirror: shoot lasers, travel through them, even see through them. He can even turn someone into a mirror. Weather Wizard can blast you with lightning, call down a tornado, or just freeze you out with a blizzard. Doctor Alchemy can transform all sorts of stuff, like human blood to formaldehyde when it's still in a living body. Captain Boomerang, a fat, cowardly Australian nationalist who can throw trick boomerangs really well has the highest body count of any of the Rogues I've named here. He also banged the mom of one Flash.

Together, the group has managed to kill one Flash (Bart Allen) whent ricked into it, and then killed the Reverse Flash who did the tricking. No killing speedsters, women, or children. That's in their rules.

As for backstory...whew...they got some dark ones. Abuse, pyromania, killing members of their own families on purpose or by accident, working as hired killer before getting gadgets and a costume.

They also got balls. When Darkest Night happened and dead heroes and villains were returned as Black Lanterns seeking to tear the hearts out of their former friends, family, and foes while causing as much emotional turmoil as possible (they see via emotion and used it to power their Black Lantern Battery).

Their response to knowing that their own dead friends(and dead baby sister in Captain Cold's case) were rising up to tear out their hearts?

Hunt them down first, of course.

I think I only understood two or three things out of the opening post, but I don't even care. All I need to know is that there's a raccoon with rocket skates and a tree-man. I expect nothing less than indisputable glory.

Guess I'm just going to have to start doing some research on the Marvel wiki to get ready. And by extension, the DC wiki. I never would have guessed that The Flash had such horrifically-dangerous villains. Well, except maybe Captain Boomerang; he's a master of the deadliest weapon known to man.

Be still, my geeky heart. This is gonna be so much fun!

Trailer #2 has been released, now with more details!

We get a glimpse of prison rioting, Knowhere, the helmet, the uniforms, Rocket Raccoon's voice, and even a little bit of Groot speaking.

Looks like they're going to keep the older music on this one too.

The older music is because Starlord was abducted from earth in the 80s so he has memorabilia from that era on his ship. Read an interview the other day.

random thought. The Galaxy S5 phone coming out, and they couldn't get a cobranding going?

I read that it has Karen Gillan (a.k.a. Amelia Pond). It's official: I have to see it.

It shows what looks like Knowhere, aka the big giant severed Celestial's head. If that really is Knowhere, then I can't wait to see Cosmo, the telepathic, telekinetic intelligent Russian space Labrador. He's important there. He's the head of security.

It's so close (yet so, so far). If you want, Youtube has the TV spots in case you want to mine for any other glimpses of them. In the meantime, here's the extended look. "I am Groot" indeed.

I never read Guardians as a kid but weirdly I kind of want to see this one in theatres - the tone strikes me as funny and the scenes and effects look top-notch. Starlord held the Lego movie together with a diverse cast so I think he can do it again here. I think maybe not being a previous fan helps me here, as I don't have any expectations.

I was always really disappointed with the Xmen movies because I was a huge fan of the comics and they changed too many things. But I loved Xmen First Class because there weren't comics about the young Magneto and Prof X so I could just enjoy a new take. Havok shouldn't have been there but that's not really a big deal compared to the quality of the rest of the movie.

I love Iron Man in movies but maybe that's because I never read his comics - I'm familiar with early Avengers but really only the origins of each and then the first 12 issues - I don't have 30 years of comics in my head the way I do with Xmen. There was room to enjoy the interpretation instead of questioning choices.

I'm looking forward to it too, but I've got to admit that it's less because of Guardians of the Galaxy and more because the idea of seeing Rocket Racoon in a film amuses me to no end.

I read and enjoyed the 1985 Rocket Racoon mini-series. Calling me a fan of the character would be overstating my attitude, but I do like the character. Still, it's less the fact that I like the character that makes me happy to see him in a film, but rather that I'd never in a million years expect to see him in one.

Who's next, Squirrel Girl?

For the record, Squirrel Girl is a real character. She does exactly what you'd expect from her name. She controls squirrels and has squirrel-like physical agility.

To be perfectly honest, if there ever is a Squirrel Girl movie, and it actually looks like it won't suck, I will be in a theater soon after its release.

Actually, who's next is Ant Man. Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, aka Ant Man II, with Michael Douglas as Hank Pym, who needs Scott's help with a small job. Their enemy is someone else as Yellowjacket, which means they're fighting yet another incarnation of Ant Man. The only thing they're missing now is Goliath, Giant-Man, and the Wasp as personas he's adopted. They might have the Wasp anyway as he took that one from his deceased wife.

I wouldn't mind if they could work in Nova, but they'd have to go back to the comics for the uniforms.

Also, kinda interested in seeing how James Spader plays Ultron in the next Avengers movie, so there's that.

Spader will likely just be a douchey robot voice - and possibly motion capture for the body. But you won't see James Spader.

They have shown realistic robotic antagonists in the Iron Man films so this will just be a souped up shinier version.

I have wayyyyyyyy more concerns with Affleck as Batman, even though the suit looks bad-ass. He was only an okay Daredevil. And the rationale for the character doesn't make sense with Man of Steel for context - he's supposed to be an older Batman with drones and experience, but so then why is Perry White all "do you have any idea what people would do if they knew someone like this was on the planet?". Superman shouldn't have been a big deal if Batman had a whole career.

Wonder Woman looks cool in the promo poster I saw online, but there are a ton of characters signed up - Aquaman, Cyborg, Luthor, Alfred, potentially Catwoman - seems crammed. Avengers worked because of the build up and this seems rushed.

I personally would have made Superman the first hero, inspires a young Batman to suit up.

Giving him an outlet for his vengeance.