Guest Week In May

Hey everybody! Hope your serials are all going well. I'm putting up this post today because on May 22nd-29th I'm going to be out of the country, making it hard to handle the normal site work I usually do. Rather than try and find a makeshift method to keep things going as normal, I thought it would be more fun to do another guest week since people seemed to get something out of the last one.

I'd be looking for 4-5 posts since this would take over all the usual weekly content and maybe a blog as well. As before, there's no need for it all be superhero serials since I know there's a lot of great content in other genres out there. It does need to be an active, still posting, serial though. If possible, I would prefer people with something of a backlog so that readers have a lot to sink their teeth into if they check out the story. Content for the post can be whatever you think puts the best foot forward, whether it's a first chapter, a blog post, or a short story set in the world.

If you're interested, just reply below with your site and email address. I'll let everyone know by late-April to early-May so there's plenty of time to write out the guest post. Or if no one is interested I'll just run a normal week remotely, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to check :-D

I'm not sure I 100% understand, and I'm not sure if Delvers will be a good fit for what you want to do, but sure, why not? - Delvers book 1

You have my email. :P

I forgot to add this in up top, but if anyone wants more context on what the Guest Posts entail here's the thread from the last time I put one like this together.

I'd love to do a little one-shot or blog post. I really wanted to last year, but 2016 was a bit insane for me, schedule-wise.

My serial Twisted Cogs will be wrapping up around that time, so there'll be a nice four books' worth of content. If it's finished before then, do you count that as "active, still posting"? If not, my new serial will definitely not have a good backlog built up by that point, so I might have to bow out of this one too, curse my timing!

My email is [email protected]

I'd be willing. I got to do it last time around and it was a good way to attract new readers to my serial. I know Drew knows both my serial and email, but:

Jim at


I'd love to do this if you are willing to take a submission from the junior member of The Legion of N00bs. :) Superpowerds inspired me to dust off "The Strange" and get my writing behind off the bench.

Oh, and email address is [email protected]

My last guest post exploded my stats (literally... I went from 400 daily views to 1700), so I'd simply like to say thanks for doing these again. It's an amazing opportunity, everyone!

Well, I know this didn't work out last time, but if you don't ask, you don't get, right? The hitch, of course, is that "Time & Tied" is literally scheduled to wrap at the end of May with Part 96. So, like Maddirose X, I'd still be putting out a serial (plan is back to "Epsilon", same blog, possibly with a crossover character) but T&T wouldn't be "active". (Would it be "completed"? Well, Part 96 wraps everything up, and yet I have actually written to Part 100... loose threads... except time travel necessitates pre-planning to avoid retcons that would annoy people, and I haven't decided if the agony of forging ahead to part 120 is worth it.) So yeah, my timing is so bad conductors are throwing their batons at me in frustration.

I totally get if I'm out again, no biggie; most of the superhero crowd doesn't seem to be into my stuff anyway. But no harm in at least waving my hand in the air. , mathtans at

@ MaddiroseX and Mathtans: If you're wrapping up serials but launching new ones, I think that counts as active. It gives the readers a chance to read the entirety of one of your works and then something new to follow if they like your style.

@Chrysalis: Thanks for the shout out! And I'm glad you got measurable benefit to participating last time :)

I think it's so cool how you're always so generous about letting people step into guest spots. :)

I'd be interested, especially since I had to pass on the April Fool's exchange this year. My one serial wrapped a couple months ago, but I have an active one with a backlog (and a prequel, as far as that goes). If it winds being *too* far off the superhero path for you, I'll understand.

l_e_erickson at

Cool deal, looks like we have enough to do a week! So it's Blaise, Jim, MaddiroseX, Mathans, and Leerickson. That gives us 5 days, which is perfect for filling out a week. I'll start an email chain this week to figure out who has preferences for which day of the week and then get it all coordinated. Thanks for being part of this.

Just wanted to say this is suchhhh a cool opportunity for web serialists. My traffic increased like crazy when I did this. I'm excited for you guys!

Drew, I think I missed out on this email chain a week ago? Or was one not sent yet, what with the house situation and all? (I've been checking my spam folder, so it's not that.) I'm not upset or anything, just don't want to give the impression that I'm bailing through silence or something.

Mathans - Haven't sent them yet. This week has been pretty much all house and moving stuff. I should get something out this weekend though. I'll finally have my computer set up at the new place.

Okay, email has gone out. If anyone didn't get it please let me know at [email protected] so I can get the info over to you.


You probably won't see this for a few days, because hopefully you are blissfully up to your neck in sunshine and fancy drinks with umbrellas. But for when you get back: Thank you for the guest post slot! Since my post went live last night, I've had an influx of readers to Crowmakers, some nice splash-over to my other sites, and even a few additions to my fledgling mailing list. I've linked to your site where I can, although I doubt I'll drive as much new traffic to your site as you have to mine. Your generosity is much appreciated!

Serialists for the assisted win!

Writers helping writers!

Just thought I'd echo LE Erickson. My site simply doesn't get over 100 page views in a day; it's happened twice in the last year, once after a guest post at Jim's site, once after Tartra posted her review. Last week, Wednesday through Saturday were ALL 100+ on page views, including a new top day which more than triples my previous. All told, there were 131 referrals in from Drew's site, giving me my first month breaking 1,000 views. And it seems like at least a half dozen of the visitors made it as far as T&T Book 2. So thanks, Drew.

If anyone wants to check out the posts, find them here: The one by MaddiroseX in particular seems to have gained a lot of traction. (I can understand that, it definitely raised my eyebrows.)

Also, just to keep anyone from getting too envious or self-conscious, my next vote-for-plot serial still has only 9 views and 6 votes on the post. The link's at the top of the T&T index (and in my last post, and on Twitter, and my Facebook...), in case anyone feels like getting in on the ground floor of that. (I'm closing the voting at the end of the month, to have a few days to write.)